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Curator’s Coffee

I love trips to London. And my most recent trip was made even more special by being able to spend it with a close friend! tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo1_1280On her recommendation, we spent our first morning in the city at a delicious joint called Curators Coffee!tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo10_1280tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo9_1280With huge windows, lots of light, and beautiful geometric, monochromatic details – how could I not love the place?tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo4_1280tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo6_1280We spent (far too much) time umm-ing and ah-ing over what to chose from the mouthwatering selection of freshly made bakes for our breakfast.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo5_1280After making the most difficult decision of the day, we perched on comfy stools at the wooden window bar.tumblr_o39uakq58v1qcam0lo1_1280As always, my first priority was coffee (and I’ll tell you now, that their coffee is really good!) but Kasimiira decided to go for a morning cuppa.

The rest of us were practically mesmerised by the many different instruments that she had been presented with, in order to successfully brew and enjoy her cup of tea!

The most notable was, of course, the rather aesthetically pleasing hourglass timer.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo7_1280But regardless of different tastes in beverage – we all have (if I do say so myself) exquisite taste in pastries! And none of us were shy in digging into our first meal of the day.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo8_1280From the exclusive weekend Brunch menu’s Crosstown Doughnuts to a moist Orange and Lemon Cake, we barely left a crumb on the plate. We acknowledge that we have hardly made a dent in the delicious desserts on sale.

So I guess we’ll just have to revisit on our next trip to London!

We drained our drinks, collected our things, and headed off to collect our all important press passes from the Soho area.

Stay tuned for the next blogpost to coverage dedicated to exploring London Fashion Week!


You Betty Believe It’s Delicious!

IMG_6796We did it. We finally went and ate at Betty’s Tearooms Cafe! The famous and iconic cafe sits in the centre of York and so often has a permanent queue outside the door during opening hours. But at very specific times on a limited number of days, you can get in to dine without having to really wait at all! So on a Sunday, at roughly 10am – 11am, there is no queue, and you can make your way inside to try their famous high teas/cakes/delicious breakfasts.IMG_6786Katie (who was amazing enough to come visit all the way from Scotland) went for the tasty Betty’s classic hot chocolate.IMG_6791One of the little quirks that Betty’s has to offer is their selection of coffees and teas! But as the caffeine addict that I am, I couldn’t give up the opportunity to have my own mini personal cafeteria. So I went for the rich El Salvador, while Boyfriend went from Mexican Cloud Forest. IMG_6798 IMG_6799Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. And these dishes were egg-cellent! I am very awkward and order fried eggs and bacon, as well as the croissant and pain au chocolat combo.IMG_6802Katie had the neat portion of poached eggs on crunchy English muffins. There’s muffin funny about that!IMG_6801And Boyfriend was a bit more adventurous, deciding to try the Swiss Rosti breakfast! This is a mixture of shredded potato that is blanched and coated with cheeses and ladled a delicious array of traditional breakfast extras!IMG_6784 IMG_6804So, like I said; you Betty believe it’s worth a visit!