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Wave Hello to Mojito

Day two on the ever warm island of Tenerife and we resided ourselves to a lazy day (again). Because of our limited days on holiday we had made a couple different plans to dedicate different specific days to – the first being to make sure we went to Siam Park. Siam Park is located in the same area of the island that we were staying on but still a considerable walk away, so we would be taking the free bus. No problems there then.

However, when we woke up, the day still seemed a little breezy and cloudy. So we decided to push the plans of the world famous water park back until the next day. This lovely warm weather wasn’t going to waste though, and we got dressed, had breakfast and started wandering back up the seafront that we had already partially explored the day before.Before long, we had made our way further than we had walked the day before. We hadn’t been shy about breaks though, and took plenty of opportunities to sit on the benches and black rock walls that lined the steeper slopes to the dark stretches of sand below. Just sitting still and looking out at the sea meant you were bathed in warm sun and undisturbed by the light sounds of the ocean in front and passersby behind.I was particularly happy when we reached an area where the storefronts and walkway veered off from the edge of the coast to make room for an obscure sculpture garden and large stretch of gravel filled sections. this meant we had met the furthest point that I had reached when walking from the hotel I stayed in the year before. This was the middle point between where I was (a year ago) and where I was now.

This also meant the marker of the wooden shack that served the best cocktails you might ever have! So it was definitely time for it to be 5 o’clock somewhere!Las Salinas (the cocktail bar/shack) sits at the headland of where Playa de Las Americas meets Los Cristianos. The name translates to mean ‘The Salt’, and with location almost sitting with one foot in the ocean, it seem pretty apt. And since the service mostly majors in alcoholic beverages – for most adult tourists – it’s the salt of the earth for a real relaxing vacation! The eco-friendly joint boasts the “best mojitos ever” – and to be honest, they’re right! Not my usual poison, but my drink of choice when drinking from this place with chill music blasting, comfy seating and a vibe that says good surfer chill time to be had. (The view’s not bad either!)

If you want to know more details about the short history of this water hole you can check out a small article I found from a Tenerife based blog, here!


A Breakfast and March Break

I break for breakfast. My ultimate favourite meal of any day, and so regardless of how early I am forced to get up, the morning will be made better with breakfast! Just last week, after returning from a whole seven days in Portugal, I made a 12 hour turn around and arrived back at the airport before 6am in order to catch a flight to the sunny island of Tenerife.

And, for only moaning a little bit about how tired I was, I was rewarded with tasty coffee and eats!Cappuccino’s and healthy(ish) foods consumed, we hopped on our plane and spent the flight reading and catching up on television shows we save to watch together.

The taxi to the hotel, from the airport, only took about 25 minutes. Our hotel was the Sol Princesa Dacil, found on the South of the island and in the vicinity of Los Cristianos. (I found out over the next few days that it was a considerable stretch further along the beach front from where I had stayed just over a year ago.) Dan was amazing and had booked everything in advance, and that meant an amazing deal! Our room had a separate living area with television and sofa. The space quickly became the place to dump luggage and clothes and anything we acquired throughout the day of investigating the seafront stores etc. The best part meant that the bedroom space stayed really uncluttered and meant it was a really nice room to fall asleep and wake up in!The room was made up as two separate single beds and meant we had to make shift it into a double by pulling back the main sheets and layering the huge fleece comforters, found in the closet, across the two mattresses, before remaking it to bind them together. It ended up working better than it sounds, but would have probably been a ridiculous spectacle to watch!After settling in our room a little, it was only a little past mid-day, so a change out of airplane/travel clothes and into more sun appropriate attire! It was the nicest feeling to be standing in shorts (or in this case a skort) and feel the humid warmth of the air through the balcony doors, let alone once we started walking to the beachfront strip!

Being the paranoid, overly-cautious creature that I am, you will always find my face and neck slathered in sun lotion, and probably with a hat on my head or stashed away on my person, just in case. The outfit ended up being the lovely safe colour scheme of monochromatic – but still tropical friendly – with a statement palm leaf print of the geometric cut skort. Regardless of being cautious, the sunshine and the warm makes me a very happy bean! I was still very sleepy, and so the main priority was getting our bearings and filling our bellies with grub!

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Black Top – River Island

Palm Leaf Print Skort – New Look

Pullover Sweater – Topshop

Cross Body Bag – H&M

Slider Sandals – Asos