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#LFW Outfits and Photobooths

London Fashion Week, day number two; we all met up near Brick Lane for breakfast and coffee. Day two, was an opportunity for us to up fashion ensembles!tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo3_1280From hats to layering our coats on our shoulders, we were the epitome of coordinating Girl Gang partners!

With muted tones and mostly monochrome, our outfit-of-the-day pictures fit perfectly in front of these giant black and white chevron arrow panelling.tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo2_1280Kasimiira is wearing:

Hat – H&M

Coat – Urban Outfitters

Blouse – Zara

Shirt dress – Monki

Leather leggings – Topshop

Shoes – & Other Stories

Sophia is wearing:

Hat- H&M

Coat – French Connection

Turtle neck – Zara

Culott jumpsuit – F&F

Shoes – New Look

Bag – Zara

Watch – Links London

tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo5_1280After sharing enough romantic longing looks into each others eye, we decided we looked so fetching that we just had to swing round the corner to snap some shoots in the Rough Trade East photo booth!tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo2_1280Not only does this place boast a high quality (and affordable) photo booth for the perfect London souvenir you can make yourself, it also houses an extensive music collection worth picking through!

You never know, you might come out with more than one piece of memorabilia from your visit!tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo1_1280tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo5_1280We had arrived on a mission. We heaped up our extra bags and everything bulky on the floor next to the wallpaper of previous customers, and piled into the small square seating space.tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo3_1280The result consisted of a range of faces. Some where we were very obviously unprepared for the quick fire flash…

And others where we threw caution to the wind in terms of trying to look in any way attractive…tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo6_1280Next was practically a documentation of every (wannabe) chic pose we could vogue in our short time in front of the camera!tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo8_1280Finally, a group photo of the Fashion Week team! I will honestly tell you it was a struggle to squeeze us all in. And there was definitely only one of us sitting on the tiny stool at any one time.tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo7_1280 But if you’re going to take an #ootd at London Fashion Week – make it black and white, in a photobooth, on a rainy day in Brick Lane!


#LFW Ryan Lo Show

tumblr_o3qfkchhyf1qcam0lo7_1280Following a successful morning at London Fashion Week’s Edeline Lee Presentation (view the previous post and plenty of pictures, here) we returned to the city Hub to attend the Ryan Lo catwalk show!tumblr_o3qkarneod1qcam0lo1_1280In the same building as the Designer Showrooms, we entered the large space with seating either side and the catwalk down the middle.tumblr_o3qfkchhyf1qcam0lo8_1280The catwalk was lined with large pink, kitsch ‘Chinese New Year-esque’ arches to frame the models as they strutted down the runway. Even with the minimal style of only three arches, the designs still captured the aesthetics of Chinatowns across the globe.tumblr_o3qfkchhyf1qcam0lo10_1280The scene was set for the attendees with the musical accompaniment of the likes of Disney’s Mulan for the ultimate presentation of the Western perception of Asian culture.

And all too quickly the show began with Lo’s signature style of more-is-more. Check out the critique and review of the show written by Kasimiira, for The 405, here.tumblr_o3qkarneod1qcam0lo2_1280





tumblr_o3qpoeje5d1qcam0lo9_1280tumblr_o3qpoeje5d1qcam0lo10_1280tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo1_1280Even some of the crowd exuded the more-is-more style.tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo2_1280The finale epitomised the hyper-feminine style of the A/W16 collection.tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo4_1280

tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo3_1280With the show completed, some people left to attend another fashion event, others roamed around the space. Those in the space inspected the arches and socialised with other members of the fashion industry.tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo8_1280I took just a moment to sit on the Front Row (for probably the only time in my life)!tumblr_o3run2f7eh1qcam0lo7_1280We exchanged emails about other shows we might attend later that day, as well as the details of the Edeline Lee afterparty we would (definitely) spend our evening at!

Hard Magazine: Wanderlust Issue Shoot #2 (BTS)

With the countdown to the next edition release of Hard Magazine in sight, here is the first exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the second fashion photo shoot for the Wanderlust Edition!The Fashion Team met in the early morning to beginning the long styling process for the urban, safari chic themed shoot. Lots of hands on work and items collected from different store across York because of these hard-working people.Female model Alex in the khaki and neutral coloured look #1. Timberland boots are the designer style ‘hiking boot’ for any fashionista. This look paired these shoes with shorts and layered jackets to form the main silhouette of the styling. An oversized scarf wrapped around the neck creates the interesting visual of layers. The rest of the looks for, both models, follow similar styling patterns and colour palettes. Details of them can be found when the next edition it released!One of my proudest contributions to the styling of many Hard Magazine fashion shoots are the boundaries we push with hair styling. Here, I created cream string wraps around Alex’s bunches – these mirror the ropes and ties of any well seasoned traveller and our Wanderlust theme!Once styling is complete, the change of location means a small group trek with the Fashion Team to town. This particular shoot was on location in the STA (Student Travel Association) of York. (Above) Two of our Fashion Deputies arm-in-arm under an umbrella on the drizzly walk.The Hard Magazine team was very lucky to have the STA opened especially for the fashion shoot on a non-business day, that was Sunday. Once every member had arrived, we were set up and ready to go. Bianka – head photographer of the shoot – was straight in with direction and set up in front of the grind-planned world map!Layered bags, scarfs and jackets makes for the option of capturing Alex in motion as she models putting the pieces on and taking some off. These photos juxtapose the modern, safari traveller with the corporate establishment backdrop.Similarly, we styled male model Jack with urban, traveller chic and layered multiple storage bags around his belted waist before sitting him at corporate style desks with computers and brochures. An exceptionally meta shot of Head of Photography, Thom, filming extracts for the next Hard Magazine behind-the-scenes video.Throughout these shoots we love to try to capture instax Polaroid snaps to save and throw up on the website as teasers for up coming editions. This is one of the ultimate behind-the-scenes snaps of photographer Bianka and Editor-in-Chief Robbie directing away.Although this wasn’t a shot we caught by any of our main photographers, this very model-esque pose from Alex and Jack while playing about on the available stools and tables.Behind-the-scenes members are always on hand for more interesting snaps and shots of the antics the Hard Magazine team are getting up to during shoots!Photographers and Editor-in-Chief conversing over the next stage of shooting and ideas for setting and model set-up.More instant instax images – including the added snap of model Jack at his desk with globe under hand. A very worldly traveller look indeed!A quick sneak-peak of the makeshift campsite we set up in the corporate offices of the STA York with our wannabe traveller models chilling in a very casual ‘we’re like totally going travelling’ style!A final experimental angle for shooting was having our Wanderlust themed models laying on the floor surrounded by camping objects. This playful angle captures a whimsical nature of the over-the-top clothing styling as well as the setting of the shoot.And it was here we called an end to the second and last fashion shoot of the Wanderlust edition. Keep an eye out for the Hard Magazine release at the beginning of June – and with that, another blogpost of the shoot #1 featuring up and coming model Hannah Bennett!

Hard Magazine: Trash Issue Shoot #3 (BTS)

The third photo shoot of tri-annually release HARD Magazine and the Fashion team returns to Orillo Studios situated in York. This final shoot of the S/S15 edition and it takes the term ‘Trash’ literally to incorporate trash into the making of the styled looks. Abstract and distorted to make the final photographs a surreal mess of dream-like movement and the realism of the disposable…An outtake look from the very beginning of the shooting day; stylist and textile craftsman Lizzy fitting the most sculptural design of the multiple outfits onto model of the day Milena. (We were very grateful for her gazelle like person to fill the place of HARD Magazine girl Hannah who was called away last minute to London for a different modeling job.) Set around a black, velvet, caged bodysuit, this is the handmade neck piece and netted shoulder rings (one wrapped with small pieces of bin liner bag). This time around in Orillo Studios, the Photography team brought enough lighting equipment to blind a person – and these suckers get hot! Bright lights for bright shoot ideas!Head of photography Thom brought in his newest baby (and we’re all a bit young for children, so by his position in the magazine you can guess I mean a new camera) to the studio. Now, we all know it’s rude to call it a Polaroid when it’s not – this Fujifilm Instax produced some cute momentos from the day at the photo shoot. First instant print off; Florence and myself in front of the white infinity wall being very un-model-like numpties!An insert of the traditional Fashion team picture – sitting happily chatting on the plush leather sofas while the styling of the first structured outtake outfit, and make up is being completed.The added pieces of the design by Lizzy included circular, free-standing constructions of stitched and sewn bin liner bag (both black and white), held together by more wire. Also featuring artist Amelia making model Milena’s face coated in multiple layers of foundation to create a nude base without excess colour or form. Even Milena’s eyebrows were layered with cover-up which would make her face become an almost blank canvas.Instant photograph #2 of the make-up process.After removing the different wire forms that had been fitted together on the model, she moved for lighting tests in front of the white infinity wall. These photos demonstrate the final result the nude make-up. (Below) Thom and Milena checking over instax print #3 of Milena standing straight in the middle of the middle.Lizzy fitting the other extracts of the structured outfit to Milena’s waist. Incorporating the same circular bin liner bag designed frames, as well as looser white bin liner wrapped wire for diversity of texture and colour.A supernatural shot of Thom with the gift of photography skill shining down on him – a rare photo indeed!As I’m sure you’ve guessed (if you’ve picked up a copy from our release today) the shoot escalated from sculptural to abstract bizarre (in the best way)! Balloons, bags, tape, string, a cream/powder mix and much more went into the final product of the outfits Milena ended up sporting by the end of the day!Fashion deputies mixed a talcum powder concoction together to make a white paste that was smeared on our model’s legs, before then adding a pair of tights, and another layer of paste. This might break the mystery of what exactly you’re seeing in these dream-like photographs, but the process itself was a bit crazy!Of course, members of the photography team are often found to leave their babies lying around the studio space. But, much like the cuckoo bird, other curious team members will sneak closer and fawn over the adorable contraptions – which leads to their overall safety in the wild and hectic place of the studio. (Animal documentary style over.) Snack and coffee breaks are essential in surviving the many hours of straight shooting and costume changes that take place throughout the one day booked into the studio space. And although they became very self conscious after realising I had photographed them – the Fashion deputies we pretty adorable take their five minutes with chocolate bars and gossip. Everyone from HARD Magazine is forever grateful for food and drink runs they volunteer to make which bring back survival necessities! The final collection of the six Fujifilm instax taken throughout the day of photoshoots for the Spring Edition of HARD Magazine. The extras include two snaps of different outfit changes and one of the camera owner and Head of Photography, Thom. One of the final outfits of the photo shoot (which has definitely been one of the more conceptual styled ones we have ever put together) made up entirely of balloons tied to Milena’s upper body! The strings are almost invisible while she holds her arms over her chest, but when she puts her hands up, the taut nature of the strings against her skin create a new abstract illusion.

There were a number of outfits and looks in between the outtake structural design from Lizzy and the balloons attire – but you’ll have to get your hands on a copy of the magazine and check out the full photo spread there! (Keep checking the website ~hardzine.org~ for the digital version to be uploaded later this month if you’re not in the York area.)

Hard Magazine: Trash Issue Shoot #2 (BTS)

Only a week after the first shoot of the year, the HARD Magazine team jumped right back into the most clothing based photo shoot of the coming edition! An elevated version of street style, layered light-grunge will be presented in a badass format in the next issue – get ready for the feature in the publication release this week!

The Fashion team met in the morning for prep work at our Editor’s house. Here see the main outfit room and our very stylish Fashion deputies putting together outfits with the rest of the team.HARD Magazine’s hard working Editor Robbie styling first time model Miho’s first look. The combinations of pieces we tried out for our models different looks was more extensive than you’d expect! You can see we started playing with layers and colours and pattern textures – a lot of the vintage pieces we used were courtesy of Dog & Bone Vintage in York, on Gillygate.The second model Lucy, with hair already straighten and brows darkened waiting for the added pieces to complete her first look! Once all the looks were put together and our models were suitably dressed, the team began the walk to our chosen locations. We were lucky enough for Robbie’s house to be relatively close to the city walls, and so the walk was pretty brisk. (Above) The legs of Fashion deputies Amelia and Isobel, (below) and one the walk with Fashion deputy Lizzy.One of my favourite snaps from behind-the-scenes; model Miho and Fashion deputy Lizzy walking and rolling (get it – like rocking and rolling?) along the edge of Hull Road. All smiles and urban chic to die for; maroon beanies and platformed shoes to match!Finally on locations, council estate brick walls, parking garage doors and quiet roads. Photographer Thom checking camera and lighting. His fabulously chill girlfriend Jess came along to hang out on location as she was up for the weekend – which was pretty good vibes because we can always use more hands on set! An outtake of model Lucy’s first outfit styling; layered black turtle neck, under a long chiffon collared shirt printed with dual green toned dollar bills. On top, shrug shoulders were set under an oversized leather biker jacket (Dog & Bone Vintage). Her lush hair goes all the way down to her waist, but the styling has it tucked into the outerwear. A spur of the moment decision had us pair a silver metallic clutch bag under arm and the final look was finished off with stacked rings and multiple necklaces.Model Miho was shot in front blue painted doors and brick wall. Here we see Thom caught in the ultimate Fashion photographer pose – and Miho owning the camera with the look and a head tilt to break hearts. This look had another turtle neck underneath a check patterned vintage sweater and corduroy baby blue bomber jacket. Paired with boyfriend jeans, red-brown docs and a beanie hat of the same colour.  As with most shoots you’ll always find some member of the Fashion team posting updates on our social media, and here is a little snap caught of my incessant instagram! And even though HARD Magazine is a physical publication, the website now also posts all the content of the big publications online – as well as exclusive articles you won’t find anywhere else!Editor Robbie adjusting the buttoning style of the bomber jacket on Miho. Check the look with beanie removed and the sharp model chic look of middle parting through her black straighten hair!One of the main sources of our behind-the-scenes content from photo shoots is the talented photographer deputy Bianka! Often looking just as put-together as the models in front of the camera!Sorry to say, no sneak peak of Miho’s second outfit, so we’ll just skip on the second outfit of model Lucy. Featuring a red and blue combo in the same layering styles as the previous looks – with stand out pieces being the red heeled pumps that match the red in the jacket! We set this location of Lucy’s shoot in front of a Shell garage, making the colour backdrop a coordinating set up of location and model attire!We finished the clothing based photo shoot with an experimental twist situated inside a take-out joint. The owners were kind enough to let us take up nearly all their setting and tables, and we squeezed everyone in and started photographing. Burgers and chips are the epitome of fast food glory and although the snaps of Lucy eating might not feature in the photo spreads of the Trash Edition – you’ll have to pick up a new copy to see what clever way we incorporated the trashy food craze in!

Hard Magazine: Trash Issue Shoot (BTS)

It’s that very exciting time of year where HARD Magazine release their next issue – get ready for a post-a-day countdown to the availability of the S/S15 Trash Edition! These are the fantastic sneak peak of the fabulous Fashion Team that we use behind the scenes on our big photoshoots for the multiple page spreads that feature throughout the printed pages.

The first photo shoot of the new year, as well as this edition, and we decided to give the opportunity to our fine-ass Fashion deputies to organise and run one for themselves! Channeling the edition theme of Trash – we set about creating a multiple model, make-up beauty shoot – and were lucky enough to land time in Orillo Studios in York where the magazine is based. The androgynous inspired beauty shoot had the aim of blurring the lines between genders, and so breaking down perceptions of the use of make-up, and the differences or similarities we see on the faces women and men.

(As we delegated the responsibilities of this photoshoot to our amazing Fashion deputies, I personally have less behind-the-scenes pictures than I usually snap. But everyone loves a sneak peak, and everything involved with HARD Magazine is badass!)

Our newest main make-up artist and ultimate craftmaster of painting the face; Humy touching up the abstract shape designs on one of our male models Fabian. Sharp lines and aggressive colours splashed across the face to distort the viewers perception of natural curves of the face. A little snapshot moment of the HARDzine team chilling on the very plush lounging options in Orillo Studios. Being Fashion Editor of this group of creative people is one of the best things about being a part of what this publication creates – very proud! (Above) Featuring; Editors, models, part-time members and managing positions alike!

HARD Magazine has used Orillo Studios a number of times for the big photo shoots with a strong editorial vibe compared to our more candid location shooting. The studio offers flexible hours, infinity wall and equipment hire. But what is most notable about Orillo Productions, as well as their space which can be hired for photo shoots and filming – the space can also be rented for events! An open plan expanse of exposed brick and hard wood floors, the studio channel Brooklyn loft cool. Check their social media to keep in the loop of special cinema night screenings, performances and cocktail parties!

One of the biggest struggles of the days androgynous beauty shoot was negotiating the correct lighting. Usually our Head of Photography and photography team are on top of all necessary equipment for our photo shoots – but at the beginning of the year we were all a little disorganised, and Orillo was in the middle of restocking the equipment they have for hire. So in a great deal of desperation, and clever ingenuity, we banded a multitude of different lighting equipment into place for capturing the faces of our models.  This snap shows a little snippet of the lighting struggle the team on set. Head Photographer Thom with deputy photographer Bianka; for this beauty shoot, Bianka was actually given the opportunity to be lead photographer for this particular shoot!

And of course, the final looks of our models and the photos that you’ll see printed in the Trash Issue later this week might be clean-cut, with bold backgrounds – the rest of the studio space was littered with debris of make-up, brushes, extra clothing as well as hair products. A Hardcore mess for a Hardcore team.This is the only sneak peak you’ll see of the model and background set-ups for the final images (don’t want to give too much away)! See model Immie with neck and shoulders exposed, against a forest green block colour background. Red shape and sculptured face – think bold, popart style with specifically clashing colour motif! Get ready for this photo spread in the Trash Edition for the up-close-and-personal portraits!

And for now – if you’re still craving a bit more to see – look at the most recent video crafted of a behind-the-scenes with a sick soundtrack to match!

Hard Magazine: Nostalgia Issue Shoot #2 (BTS)

10624729_722111211217020_4699110224725440172_n Today is the day! We are officially distributing the Nostalgia issue. Filled with Hard hitting articles and even more bad ass photographs, find your copy today on York University campus, or in a retail store in town.

10460316_10204338241833708_1505109651422385699_n5,000 copies. Printed, shipped and being handed out by the team across York. This issue is channeling inner childhood nostalgia for the 90’s generation, through to the lost era of 60’s MOD culture. Our front cover features Bianka, with ultimate female boss attitude and cornrows to match.

10730977_10204337946466324_3693885602272261107_nHave a look through the behind the scenes snaps from the second fashion photo shoot for the Nostalgia edition. A variety of looks that range for over-sized jackets, to double/triple pattern layering, and all the way around to a complete homage to the Calvin Klein ad campaigns of the 90’s. 1910484_1573974589492806_128741330406056802_nHannah’s outfit #2 from the day of shooting. You can see the Calvin Klein boxers peaking over the boyfriend jeans, with actual tennis shoes and double jackets (one tied around her waist, while the other is huge gorgeous fur). Her hair was taken down for ultra volume, middle parting model chic.1017759_1573973862826212_8879868521993248483_nBianka’s outfit #1 channels extreme, overkill of the sports luxe fad. Pleated tennis skirt, over-sized sparkly sweater and pure PVC power with the purple raincoat. Super tight Adidas shoulder bag, and her look was complete. The cornrows and hoops add that little bit of edge to stop the look fading into anything too cutesie. 1620411_1573973342826264_4519847137885990575_nOur third model, Lizzy, in outfit #1 with triple leopard print fierceness. Jacket, top and shorts, all combined to make her a true 90’s jungle queen. The hair was tricky, but I managed to bring a little essence of FKA Twigs with the slicked and styled wisps across her forehead and cheeks. The rest is just tight French braids and hoops again.10325182_1573971676159764_7131937232532705064_nThe first time we’ve had the amazing make-up artistry skills of Humy (seen above, applying make up for Bianka) and the Hard Fashion Team was thrilled. Grunge, gothic/heroin chic contouring and smokey eyes to die for – she nailed to looks and made our models the most beautiful they could be!10644831_1573972272826371_1400256469978942156_nThis is just another quick snap of Bianka’s cornrows. These were the longest time I spent on hair for the models, and totally worth it. The look scream white-girl-on-spring-break but with a don’t-mess-with-me cool.10514531_1573971189493146_589907565390061952_nLook #1 for our most experienced model Hannah. This was quite an ‘out there’ look, but we decided just to go for it and it turned out sick! I basically created evenly positioned space buns across her head in little diamond sections of hair, separated by the epitome of 90’s hair – a zig-zag parting!1488647_1573976229492642_7751962319012851610_n10676167_1573975512826047_5094779672128337814_nOur Hard Magazine, and amazing fashion photographer, Thom. Standing proudly and surveying his chosen location for the shoot. Breeze blocks under feet, he channels the majestic Mufasa-esque pride…10764_1573978722825726_4515970881964455167_nAnd a quick snap of the magazine’s enthusiastic Fashion Deputies; Amelia and Kitty. These guys are some of the real driving force behind the shoots coming together so well! As well as the reason we were able to use so many amazing vintage pieces in this particular shoot. Hard Magazine has collaborated with Dog & Bone Vintage, found in York on Gillygate. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth a nosey and a rummage!10481401_1573977802825818_4632752655159120015_nLizzy being photographed by Thom in her outfit #2, standing atop the breeze blocks. We called this ‘ultimate stoner grunge with flannel’.10574474_1573979822825616_7291006693463386467_nBianka in outfit #2; bar shoes, this outfit entirely comes from Dog & Bone Vintage! One of the coolest BTS shots of the day, with an extra dollop of Iggy Azalea coming through in pose and style.Behind the Scenes#3Another action shot, just capturing the back of Thom’s head as he snaps Hannah in focused model pose.Behind the Scenes#21972397_721827977912010_5613321086691755513_n