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#LFW Outfits at Somerset House

Revisiting the photographs we took during London Fashion Week has been so satisfying. Putting together these retrospective blog posts has been pretty heart warming too.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo4_1280On my last day in London for Fashion Week (I had to return to York later that day, but #LFW would continue for a further two days) we headed over to Somerset House.

I was informed that in previous years #LFW had been hosted in the beautiful Stuart architecture of Somerset House – which is definitely a Fashion Bloggers aesthetic dream! Of course, a majority of my experience of Fashion Week had been situated in London’s Soho area, so it was nice to have an excuse to visit the historic 17th Century building.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo5_1280We had come to Somerset House to visit the famed International Fashion Showcase, that this year was themed ‘Fashion Utopias’.

A rather extraordinary exhibition that had a very different take on fashion and its presentation to the catwalks and presentations we had seen elsewhere. Sadly the exhibition only lasted as long as Fashion Week itself.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo10_1280If you’re interested in a little more information, you can check out a small summary and a few details I wrote up for The 405, here!tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo9_1280After strolling around the International Fashion Showcase, we decided to take a pause and snap a few pictures of our last-day-of-London-Fashion-Week-together outfits.

Cause that’s what besties do, right?tumblr_o4m35txben1qcam0lo3_1280From hair braids to silver skirts, we had decided to go all out on our last day as Fashion Week press! They say ‘the devil is in the details’, and this applied pretty heavily to both of our ensembles.

One of us had donned black, shiny, pointed, patent leather booties. While the other was in cheetah print, hairy, heeled booties.

One was sporting a long, black skinny scarf. And the other wore a neatly tied, navy bandana neckerchief.tumblr_o4m35txben1qcam0lo6_1280On Sophia:

Shirt – New Look

Fur coat – Noisy May

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Hobbs

Bag – Zara

Sunglasses – Ebay

Skinny scarf – repurposed Calvin Klein

tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo5_1280On Kasimiira:

Shirt – Asos

Skirt – Asos

Jacket – H&M Trend

Neckerchief – Asos

Bag – Zara

Boots – Asos

tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo6_1280We encompassed an array of trends that swirled together and somehow still worked! Our outfits complimented and coordinated in terms of colour palettes and style – and when walking around like a power couple – that’s all that matters!tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo1_1280And that’s the conclusion of the Fashion Week diaries!

We’re out!


Hard Magazine: Trash Issue Shoot #2 (BTS)

Only a week after the first shoot of the year, the HARD Magazine team jumped right back into the most clothing based photo shoot of the coming edition! An elevated version of street style, layered light-grunge will be presented in a badass format in the next issue – get ready for the feature in the publication release this week!

The Fashion team met in the morning for prep work at our Editor’s house. Here see the main outfit room and our very stylish Fashion deputies putting together outfits with the rest of the team.HARD Magazine’s hard working Editor Robbie styling first time model Miho’s first look. The combinations of pieces we tried out for our models different looks was more extensive than you’d expect! You can see we started playing with layers and colours and pattern textures – a lot of the vintage pieces we used were courtesy of Dog & Bone Vintage in York, on Gillygate.The second model Lucy, with hair already straighten and brows darkened waiting for the added pieces to complete her first look! Once all the looks were put together and our models were suitably dressed, the team began the walk to our chosen locations. We were lucky enough for Robbie’s house to be relatively close to the city walls, and so the walk was pretty brisk. (Above) The legs of Fashion deputies Amelia and Isobel, (below) and one the walk with Fashion deputy Lizzy.One of my favourite snaps from behind-the-scenes; model Miho and Fashion deputy Lizzy walking and rolling (get it – like rocking and rolling?) along the edge of Hull Road. All smiles and urban chic to die for; maroon beanies and platformed shoes to match!Finally on locations, council estate brick walls, parking garage doors and quiet roads. Photographer Thom checking camera and lighting. His fabulously chill girlfriend Jess came along to hang out on location as she was up for the weekend – which was pretty good vibes because we can always use more hands on set! An outtake of model Lucy’s first outfit styling; layered black turtle neck, under a long chiffon collared shirt printed with dual green toned dollar bills. On top, shrug shoulders were set under an oversized leather biker jacket (Dog & Bone Vintage). Her lush hair goes all the way down to her waist, but the styling has it tucked into the outerwear. A spur of the moment decision had us pair a silver metallic clutch bag under arm and the final look was finished off with stacked rings and multiple necklaces.Model Miho was shot in front blue painted doors and brick wall. Here we see Thom caught in the ultimate Fashion photographer pose – and Miho owning the camera with the look and a head tilt to break hearts. This look had another turtle neck underneath a check patterned vintage sweater and corduroy baby blue bomber jacket. Paired with boyfriend jeans, red-brown docs and a beanie hat of the same colour.  As with most shoots you’ll always find some member of the Fashion team posting updates on our social media, and here is a little snap caught of my incessant instagram! And even though HARD Magazine is a physical publication, the website now also posts all the content of the big publications online – as well as exclusive articles you won’t find anywhere else!Editor Robbie adjusting the buttoning style of the bomber jacket on Miho. Check the look with beanie removed and the sharp model chic look of middle parting through her black straighten hair!One of the main sources of our behind-the-scenes content from photo shoots is the talented photographer deputy Bianka! Often looking just as put-together as the models in front of the camera!Sorry to say, no sneak peak of Miho’s second outfit, so we’ll just skip on the second outfit of model Lucy. Featuring a red and blue combo in the same layering styles as the previous looks – with stand out pieces being the red heeled pumps that match the red in the jacket! We set this location of Lucy’s shoot in front of a Shell garage, making the colour backdrop a coordinating set up of location and model attire!We finished the clothing based photo shoot with an experimental twist situated inside a take-out joint. The owners were kind enough to let us take up nearly all their setting and tables, and we squeezed everyone in and started photographing. Burgers and chips are the epitome of fast food glory and although the snaps of Lucy eating might not feature in the photo spreads of the Trash Edition – you’ll have to pick up a new copy to see what clever way we incorporated the trashy food craze in!