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Festival Fashion: Glastonbury Lookbook

A festival edition of ‘outfits of the week’; starring a collection of the top five combinations worn at this years Glastonbury Festivals of Contemporary Performing Arts!

Glastonbury was only two weeks ago, and already it feels too long since the freedom of roaming and exploring the huge fields of music and performance! This was my second year of the world-famous festival, and for a second time, I wasn’t disappointed!

I decided to reconstruct the main outfits I wore each day of the five days in the Glastonbury fields. These are important examples of how pieces you pack can be reused on alternating days for different outfits, since most of the time you are limited by what you yourself can carry!To kick it off, a double denim combo!This outfit suits day one of any festival, especially when a majority of the day is spent travelling! To get to Glasto from most locations in Britain, you’ll definitely be spending a considerable amount of time in a train/bus/car. Denim material is one of the hardiest fabrics, and so perfect for a day of varied movement and lifting and carrying (mainly bags and booze when locating a good place to set up camp).Distressed denim jeans, with over exaggerated holes in the knees, and a plain white tank keeps the look casual without progressing too far into the modern cowboy western vibe!

Black boots act as a perfect basic staple for a whole weekend of walking and helping your feet survive the unavoidable stomping of crowds. (These boots are a stand in for my actual festival boots. I wear black, lace up, army combat boots which are completely waterproof along with steel toe caps! A nice alternative to the classic wellies.)Sunnies are a must for the occasional brightness of British Summer sunshine, and a small backpack allows you to keep your valuables and important documents easily at hand when your larger rucksack goes under the bus/in the boot of the car/on the luggage hold of the train.With blues as the main colour for the outfit, it keeps the look light and fresh – unlike the general monochromatic palette of my black and white ensembles. (However, I am a creature of habit and most of the outfits are constructed of a majority of black!)Primarily, this outfit for day one allows you to wear a jacket, a full-length pair of jeans and your chunkiest footwear, instead of packing them. You have then allowed yourself more room in your rucksack for other clothing pieces and essentials for the rest of the festival!

In particular, the jeans and jacket can be used again and again for evening adventures when the temperature drops!

Denim jacket – FCUK

Tank top – Miss Selfridge

Distressed jeans – Asos

Sunnies – Polaroid (TKMaxx)

Boots – New Look

Backpack – Vintage

To finish off this particular look, I threw on a few of my favourite button badges in white. (Left reads; “What the Cat Dragged in”. Right reads; “One Night Only”.)

Day two is when you have the urge to break out your craziest and most interesting outfit for your Glastonbury festival weekend. Don’t! If you’re at Glasto for the long haul, day two should (roughly) be the Thursday. This is the day when there are not a huge many act playing across the many fields of the dairy farm, and so is the best chance to explore the layout of the festival without feeling like you’re missing potential performances!For this look I styled a kind-of basic, normcore-esque outfit. Plain, long-sleeved, black top and denim shorts.This particular outfit is designed for the sunshine, but can easily be adapted if the weather is looking a little colder or less forgiving. Simply pair with a pair of full-length jeans instead of shorts. Likewise; the cropped cut of the top can be substituted for a full-length piece!

(With the presence of the sun in the southern fields of Glastonbury, it’s easy to burn! Wearing a top that covers your shoulders protects one of the main vulnerable areas!) It wouldn’t be festival season without a bumbag strapped around your waist! Sticking with the basic style and colour palette, I’ve slung a multi-pocketed leather version of the nineties-style accessory around my hips.I was genuinely surprised by the sheer popularity of the holdall item at the Contemporary Performance festival! But these babies leave your shoulders free from rubbing or strain that a one shoulder bag can bring with loaded with your essentials for the day! You can get ahold of one of your own within any price range; from designer, to upmarket high street, all the way to mere pennies on ebay!

Black long-sleeved crop top – Missguided

Levi shorts – Vintage (Etsy)

Bumbag – Portugal souvenir

Shoes – TKMaxx

Socks – Gift

To keep the look from being too pedestrian, I paired a black pair of strappy sandals with some bright blue jelly bean socks. Socks and sandals are style a fashion choice that rides the line of rad or ratchet, but if you’re going to pull off the weird and wonderful – where best than a festival!?

Plus, the early days of a long festival weekend will be the few days where sandals are still manageable and your feet won’t be swallowed up in the mud that will inevitably come!

You’ve made it to day three! For me, this is the most whimsical and eclectic combination of pieces for an outfit over the weekend – and also one of my favourites!This outfit is all black, but doesn’t look drab or depressed. Instead, it harnesses the use of a monochromatic colour palette throughout to pair textures, patterns and cuts that wouldn’t necessarily work together is they were in more than one tone! This look boasts fringe, tassels, studs, a tongue-in-cheek slogan, a repeated symbol pattern, and statement sunglasses to create one successful over-the-top, badass ensemble!(Space buns optional, but encouraged.)Tassels have also been a big trend revival this year (like the bumbag), and this jacket is a clever way to incorporate them without directly drawing attention to their presence. Being made in black leather, rather than the choice of suede that is so popular allows the added movement and swish of the jackets tassels to be more subtle.This tongue-in-cheek slang isn’t for everyone, and not exactly a phrase you can wear on a day-to-day basis; so once again, the safety of festival idiosyncratic makes the ‘Pizza Slut’ (play on words of ‘Pizza Hut’) slogan just bizarre enough to fit in!The tie-around-the-neck black top is a piece that I love dearly! The cut links with the seventies influence of the jacket, but is obviously branded with a contemporary appropriation of humour! The light and loose shorts mirror the tassels of the jacket, but hold their own for when the weather is too warm to keep wearing the jacket! The repetitive pattern of the white symbols pairs well with the white writing on the top, without being too matchy-matchy. With the jacket removed, the option of adding a hat makes the silhouette of the look more conventional but still interesting, as well as more practical for the sunshine. (Likewise; the outfit works well in the rain as no pieces of the clothing will go see-through in the wet!)

Leather jacket – Depop

‘Pizza Slut’ top – O-Mighty

Tassel shorts – Arc Clothing

Sandals – TKMaxx (same as before)

Sunglasses – Asos

Hat – H&M

This happened to feature as my look on day four – but it can also give you an idea of an alternate option for a look that is all one colour (here, obviously being black).Instead of multiple textures, patterns and almost-clashing pieces, this look exudes an effortless, ethereal cool through the use of jewellery and accessories!Shiny metallics of varying sheen, shape and colour are layered from head to hands. These become points of interest, as well as combating the gothic likeness created from dark lip colour and clothing.

The peasant top (following the use of seventies silhouettes featured in other outfits) allows you to stay cool in the rare but inevitable summer heat. And the off the shoulder nature is actually very stable and connected to the arms rather than hugging the shoulder with elastic.The thick choker is a statement piece against a bare chest and collarbone!Repetition of clothing pieces is important – here, as before, the classic black boot.By wearing a centerpiece of both silver and yellow gold coloured metals, you’re able to ignore the dreaded rule that states you should never mix-and-match your jewellery metals! Here, I wore my usual assortment of many(, many) silver rings.Colour blocking on one section of your body allows that section to appear as one; the wearing of almost covered black shorts under the black floaty top makes your torso look smaller, so your legs look proportionally longer!

Top – France souvenir

Black Levi shorts – Thrifted

Choker – Glastonbury souvenir

Rings – Assorted

Boots – New Look (same as before)

Lipstick – Sleek (mixed colours; Naked and Mulberry)

This whole look has a modern vampiric, effortless cool about it – plus offers an all black outfit that works in the summer sunshine!

And then there is day five…The festival experience is nearly over, you wake up and realise, all too soon you must return home to work and schedules and responsibilities. And the outfit of the day kind of reflects that.An eclectic mix of the remains of clean clothing you’re able to scavenge from your rucksack – this look often presents as the most ‘flower child’ that ‘goes with the flow’. (Obviously the flower crown exaggerates this element of the look slightly…)Regardless of the improvised effort behind the look – it’s still one of my favourites! What I really loved about my first year at Glastonbury, and this year as well, is dressing up with friends and adorning ourselves in clichéd festival accessories! Because, even though they are clichéd, they are pretty and eye-catching – and most of all, they are fun!

By the time you’ve reached the last day, other people, too, have begun to relax their efforts as fashionistas of the festival. The last day is experienced without self-conscious tendencies! The outfit sports an unapologetic cropped cat tshirt, and restyles the boots and shorts from a previous outfit (with the hem rolled down and slightly paper bagged with a vintage belt). The flower crown adds a pop of colour, as well as variation to the silhouette with its oversized design. The whole look is comfortable but in no way boring or everyday!

Flower crown – Topshop

Cat t shirt – Killstar

Belt – Thrifted

Shorts – Vintage (Etsy) (same as before)

Boots – New Look (same as before)

Camera – Lomography (Urban Outfitters)

For me, a flower crown is a once a year accessory and is the privileged badge of a festival attendee! I delight in snuggly fitting the (slightly obnoxious) crown around my head! All of a sudden the mixture of ‘flower child’ happy-go-lucky attitude and Lana Del Ray calm serene descend upon your person and you can take anything the last day of festival madness has to throw at you!In my first year of attendance of the world-famous festival, everywhere you looked, someone was wearing a floral crown. But this year, the attire of the masses seemed to lean towards the everyday, basic nature of Kate Moss’s Glastonbury wardrobe back in 2004 and 2005.

(Lipstick – Sleek (colour; Heartbreaker)

However, I’ll still hold onto my love of the over-the-top clothing choices you can make in the safe space of a festival – especially Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. It’s the perfect time to experiment, and throw caution to the wind in terms of the pedestrian expectations of dress!

This was five festival looks. A throwback to my 2015 Glastonbury wardrobe.

Hard Magazine: Trash Issue Shoot #3 (BTS)

The third photo shoot of tri-annually release HARD Magazine and the Fashion team returns to Orillo Studios situated in York. This final shoot of the S/S15 edition and it takes the term ‘Trash’ literally to incorporate trash into the making of the styled looks. Abstract and distorted to make the final photographs a surreal mess of dream-like movement and the realism of the disposable…An outtake look from the very beginning of the shooting day; stylist and textile craftsman Lizzy fitting the most sculptural design of the multiple outfits onto model of the day Milena. (We were very grateful for her gazelle like person to fill the place of HARD Magazine girl Hannah who was called away last minute to London for a different modeling job.) Set around a black, velvet, caged bodysuit, this is the handmade neck piece and netted shoulder rings (one wrapped with small pieces of bin liner bag). This time around in Orillo Studios, the Photography team brought enough lighting equipment to blind a person – and these suckers get hot! Bright lights for bright shoot ideas!Head of photography Thom brought in his newest baby (and we’re all a bit young for children, so by his position in the magazine you can guess I mean a new camera) to the studio. Now, we all know it’s rude to call it a Polaroid when it’s not – this Fujifilm Instax produced some cute momentos from the day at the photo shoot. First instant print off; Florence and myself in front of the white infinity wall being very un-model-like numpties!An insert of the traditional Fashion team picture – sitting happily chatting on the plush leather sofas while the styling of the first structured outtake outfit, and make up is being completed.The added pieces of the design by Lizzy included circular, free-standing constructions of stitched and sewn bin liner bag (both black and white), held together by more wire. Also featuring artist Amelia making model Milena’s face coated in multiple layers of foundation to create a nude base without excess colour or form. Even Milena’s eyebrows were layered with cover-up which would make her face become an almost blank canvas.Instant photograph #2 of the make-up process.After removing the different wire forms that had been fitted together on the model, she moved for lighting tests in front of the white infinity wall. These photos demonstrate the final result the nude make-up. (Below) Thom and Milena checking over instax print #3 of Milena standing straight in the middle of the middle.Lizzy fitting the other extracts of the structured outfit to Milena’s waist. Incorporating the same circular bin liner bag designed frames, as well as looser white bin liner wrapped wire for diversity of texture and colour.A supernatural shot of Thom with the gift of photography skill shining down on him – a rare photo indeed!As I’m sure you’ve guessed (if you’ve picked up a copy from our release today) the shoot escalated from sculptural to abstract bizarre (in the best way)! Balloons, bags, tape, string, a cream/powder mix and much more went into the final product of the outfits Milena ended up sporting by the end of the day!Fashion deputies mixed a talcum powder concoction together to make a white paste that was smeared on our model’s legs, before then adding a pair of tights, and another layer of paste. This might break the mystery of what exactly you’re seeing in these dream-like photographs, but the process itself was a bit crazy!Of course, members of the photography team are often found to leave their babies lying around the studio space. But, much like the cuckoo bird, other curious team members will sneak closer and fawn over the adorable contraptions – which leads to their overall safety in the wild and hectic place of the studio. (Animal documentary style over.) Snack and coffee breaks are essential in surviving the many hours of straight shooting and costume changes that take place throughout the one day booked into the studio space. And although they became very self conscious after realising I had photographed them – the Fashion deputies we pretty adorable take their five minutes with chocolate bars and gossip. Everyone from HARD Magazine is forever grateful for food and drink runs they volunteer to make which bring back survival necessities! The final collection of the six Fujifilm instax taken throughout the day of photoshoots for the Spring Edition of HARD Magazine. The extras include two snaps of different outfit changes and one of the camera owner and Head of Photography, Thom. One of the final outfits of the photo shoot (which has definitely been one of the more conceptual styled ones we have ever put together) made up entirely of balloons tied to Milena’s upper body! The strings are almost invisible while she holds her arms over her chest, but when she puts her hands up, the taut nature of the strings against her skin create a new abstract illusion.

There were a number of outfits and looks in between the outtake structural design from Lizzy and the balloons attire – but you’ll have to get your hands on a copy of the magazine and check out the full photo spread there! (Keep checking the website ~hardzine.org~ for the digital version to be uploaded later this month if you’re not in the York area.)

Play To Your Own ‘Tune’

I’m not one for sappy romance novels, and a teddy bear gift will not make me go weak at the knees. But a surprise trip to London? That’s a different story! Dan very sweetly organised to take us to London for Valentine’s Day weekend. This sounds like a pretty casual couples weekend getaway, but for me, this is quite a big deal – I have not been to London in nearly seven years!

We were booked into ‘Tune Hotel’ on Liverpool Street. This kind of hotel is a pay-for-usage style, which means you pay extra for amenities. (However, Dan is a clever cookie, and booked through a comparison site so we had everything included; towels, wifi, hair-dryer etc.) This low-budget option for accommodation means more pennies for the rest of the weekend! 

The next hour or two was spent nesting quite comfortably in the room (and making a much bigger mess than intended while unpacking). It was then time to get ready for our first night out on the town! We planned to have a bite to eat and some drinks before heading to the main outing planned for the evening.We all know the phrase that epitomises fashion, “If it’s not black, put it back”. So black sweater dress, tights, boots and coat following that rule religiously – and a pop of red lipstick to top everything off! A selfie for instagram, two couples snaps, and away we go… {Comment down below if you can guess where our expedition through London took us first?}