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#LFW Outfits at Somerset House

Revisiting the photographs we took during London Fashion Week has been so satisfying. Putting together these retrospective blog posts has been pretty heart warming too.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo4_1280On my last day in London for Fashion Week (I had to return to York later that day, but #LFW would continue for a further two days) we headed over to Somerset House.

I was informed that in previous years #LFW had been hosted in the beautiful Stuart architecture of Somerset House – which is definitely a Fashion Bloggers aesthetic dream! Of course, a majority of my experience of Fashion Week had been situated in London’s Soho area, so it was nice to have an excuse to visit the historic 17th Century building.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo5_1280We had come to Somerset House to visit the famed International Fashion Showcase, that this year was themed ‘Fashion Utopias’.

A rather extraordinary exhibition that had a very different take on fashion and its presentation to the catwalks and presentations we had seen elsewhere. Sadly the exhibition only lasted as long as Fashion Week itself.tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo10_1280If you’re interested in a little more information, you can check out a small summary and a few details I wrote up for The 405, here!tumblr_o4m1h2zvve1qcam0lo9_1280After strolling around the International Fashion Showcase, we decided to take a pause and snap a few pictures of our last-day-of-London-Fashion-Week-together outfits.

Cause that’s what besties do, right?tumblr_o4m35txben1qcam0lo3_1280From hair braids to silver skirts, we had decided to go all out on our last day as Fashion Week press! They say ‘the devil is in the details’, and this applied pretty heavily to both of our ensembles.

One of us had donned black, shiny, pointed, patent leather booties. While the other was in cheetah print, hairy, heeled booties.

One was sporting a long, black skinny scarf. And the other wore a neatly tied, navy bandana neckerchief.tumblr_o4m35txben1qcam0lo6_1280On Sophia:

Shirt – New Look

Fur coat – Noisy May

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Hobbs

Bag – Zara

Sunglasses – Ebay

Skinny scarf – repurposed Calvin Klein

tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo5_1280On Kasimiira:

Shirt – Asos

Skirt – Asos

Jacket – H&M Trend

Neckerchief – Asos

Bag – Zara

Boots – Asos

tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo6_1280We encompassed an array of trends that swirled together and somehow still worked! Our outfits complimented and coordinated in terms of colour palettes and style – and when walking around like a power couple – that’s all that matters!tumblr_o4m3zeqfsu1qcam0lo1_1280And that’s the conclusion of the Fashion Week diaries!

We’re out!


YSL Exhibition #OOTD

If you haven’t seen the previous blogpost featuring the extended exhibtion of Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal – check it out here!What better ensemble to throw together than dark colours and denim for a day out at an art gallery?

Belt – Thrifted

Jeans – H&M

Boots – H&M

Cropped turtleneck – Zara

Denim jacket – H&M

Bag – Nica

Watch – Baby G

Cropped sweaters and high waisted jeans are a match made in heaven, and an eye catching belt buckle will peep through perfectly between the two garments!

These are a key Autumnal staple for cosy chic that still lets you highlight your all important waist.To keep with the darkly vampy colour palette – I decided to apply a slick coat of rich berry lipstick!

Lipstick – Sleek

A completely comfortable outfit for a day wandering through beautiful English villages and the famed halls of the French Chateau of The Bowes Museum.

Behind the scene/blooper/prep shots:

Fo’ sure, Faux sure!

It’s been awhile since the last post here on Wild November – but here’s a little flashback to the beginning of the autumn months and an #ootd!When you wake up in the morning and your hair ain’t cooperating – you think ‘it would just be easier to commit to the chop’ – here’s an alternate solution to psychotic scissor rage that has gripped us all at one time or another!The faux bob.

A trick which is easier than it looks, and the perfect style to mix-up your usual hair game without committing to a drastic change!The outfit-of-the-day channels ultimate rocker L.A. chic; using grey and black neutral palettes, paired with a classic crisp white tee!Add accessories in black to compliment the jacket, but with minimalist clean lines means the edgier vibe still looks put together!

Jacket – H&M

White t-shirt – Primark

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Primark

Bag – Asos

When it comes to outfits like this – the style is in the details. A light tuck of the shirt keeps you from losing your figure in oversized pieces on top. The jeans are both ankle grazers, and sport distressed hems which help draw attention to the slimmest part of the leg – the ankle – as well as these amazing flat pumps!Other details include the assorted accessories, as well as the choice to keep zippers undone on the cuff of the tight leather jacket – which helps add to the ‘thrown together’ vibe key for L.A. chic style! Stay tuned in coming weeks for a tutorial on the faux bob featured in this little #ootd post!

Vintage Fair & #OOTD

‘York Does Vintage’ is part of the ‘Britain Does Vintage’ tours, and very recently the huge assortment of vintage venders hit the city of York! This time around, I cleared my schedule and decided to see if the event was worth all the hype.

(Spoiler; it totally is – check out this blogpost to see what you might and have missed out on and to convince to head on over next time the event is on near you! For more information of other dates the Fair features in the York area, click here!)The ‘York Does Vintage’ Fair was held in The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall on Piccadilly Street. The beautiful hall stands proudly by the river and surrounded by the well kept gardens. The hall is classed as one of the most important medieval buildings of the city and was a guildhall. A majority of the hall was built in 1357, and is still available for historic tours throughout the year. For more information, click here.

For the special occasion of the Vintage Fair, the hall was opened up, for a discounted fee, to the public, in order to spend the better part of a day perusing the stalls and enjoying the live band and supply of fresh cakes from the small cafe!A woman on a mission, as always, I headed straight upstairs to begin the investigation of what the event had to offer. It is truly a sight, to see a medieval Great Hall filled with life! The Great Hall had it’s walls lined with different venders selling a range of vintage apparel and homewares. I began by turning to the left and making a circle through the hall.One boutique that intrigued me was this one – Skylar-Belle – dedicated to refurbishing old furniture! The stall both sold pieces that had been successfully given a new lease of life, as well as willing to buy a majority of items you may have stashed away in your attic! They were also available on commision to to refurbish your own pieces! They even produced and sold their own paint!

I was particularly happy to find one soft-rose colour with my name stamped on the front of the tin. No purchase made (yet), but the business card was stored away carefully in my bag.

If you’re into vintage furniture, home interiors, or even painting DIY’s, you can also check out the York based ‘The Vintage Corner‘ and ‘Country Chic‘!(Below) More examples of the absolutely crammed racks of clothing that were up for sale across the room! If there was something specific you were looking for – you were very likely to find it!

I’m a sucker for finding vintage designer labelled items that are the equivalent of a one-off-piece by this point in time. Collecting an item that is so unique is very satisfying…And at one of the biggest stalls in the room, I just so happened to find a vintage piece of apparel that I just couldn’t leave without nabbing for myself!

This is a vintage limited edition Moschino dress. White with red printed cherries. Although on the hanger, the dress appears rather square and boxy – it actually fits the body like a glove! This is the tailored waist of a tradition 50’s dress, meets the cut and cool of the 60’s Go-Go dress! Flattering length and neckline – this has become basically my new Summer favourite!The rest of the stalls around the second half of the room offered a range of kitchen and homewares as well as some really intricately beautiful accessory pieces (we’re talking tiny metal clutch purses with built on lipstick, powder-puff, and cigarette compartments – the epitome of chic)!The displays extended downstairs into the Undercroft – where stalls, live singers and cafe were all situated together to create the ultimate immersion of Vintage Fair atmosphere! But I didn’t want to give everything away, so if you want to see what it’s like, check it out for yourself the next time the ‘York Does Vintage’ Fair returns!

After finishing the time spent inside The Merchant Hall (which is also a very privileged opportunity to venture around the hall without supervision in the same way as is the usual procedure for tours of the medieval building), I couldn’t help but take a pause in the sun of the gardens! And you all know, that time outside is always an opportunity to snap a sneaky out-of-the-day. This one was thrown together, trying to include the optimism of the spring sun, but with the knowledge of the cruel nature of British weather.

Scarf just in case, but also works as a wrap around while inside or against the wind. Leather jacket is slouchy, casual, but also a functioning wind-blocker. The top was a bit of a step outside of my comfort zone with the baby pink colour, but the cut was too pretty to not pick up back when I was in Portugal. This was my first time wearing it.Open toed shoes are an optimistic nod towards the potential of the weather. And these babies were a steal in a sale a few months back! Snazzy, grown-up look, and all the comfiness of a chunky heel!

Leather jacket – All Saints 

Pink tank top – Portugal Boutique

Jeans – Gift

Scarf – Colours of Benetton

Shoes – T K Maxx

White T-Shirt Dress & Black Leather Fringe

On days when it’s sunny, sometimes all you want to do is wear a dress. This is a little outfit of the day featuring the t-shirt dress. I am quite a tall girl, so when shopping for slouchy dresses and clothes that should hang, I often find a struggle in the length department. On a whim I bought this oversized white t-shirt dress and was pleasantly surprised by the fit and length! So the second it was warm enough for legs to be out – this little baby was thrown on for a chilled, comfy but still put together look!The white base was paired with all black accessories – sticking with the beloved monochromatic theme – but you can see, it isn’t a cold look, nor is it too dark for summer weather!

A black felt hat is a strong balance to the slight bulkiness of the jacket. The black leather fringe adds a lot of movement and texture to the look, but doesn’t act as too much of statement because of the colour. And finally, the western vibe is brought together with the above-the-ankle detailed leather boots.This clutch is one of my new favourites and I have been pairing it with as many outfits as possible! Dark brown, almost black, with an auburn fur layer on the front. Brassy, gold detailing in the zipper and SISLEY lettering keeps the tones warm throughout. The inside is a ferociously bright orange and the size acts as a wearable, day-to-day clutch for smart and casual attire!

Stacked rings and layered jewellery finish the look. Casual, modern/rustic vibes all round!

Black felt hat – H&M

T-shirt dress – H&M Basics

Fringe Leather Jacket – Depop

Boots – H&M

Clutch – Colours of Benetton

Plaid Ain’t A Fade

Here is a little outfit of the day from the previous blogpost (click here for a look at the beautiful parks and gardens on the outskirt of Leeds) that features some classic basics, a touch of plaid and a couple a variations. In this case – plaid ain’t a fade!

This look starts with an oversized, crisp, white collared button-up layered over the top of a fitted tartan/plaid knit mini skirt. This look has the danger of straying into the school-girl look, but manages to hold its own because of the choice of fit and length of the clothing pieces. Keeping the skirt fitted, with a straight up-and-down cut, makes it a more wearable piece compared to others that are A-line or pleated. Then the white shirt stays buttoned up to the top but isn’t fitted – juxtaposing the fit of the skirt gives the look a more concious adult styling. Black accessories act as a neutral plus to the look.

(Above) See the ability to add a black felt brim hat and structured black bag if desired.An alternative look (for a day when the sun isn’t beating down as hard as it is here – a plain black leather jacket basic. Wear this piece on the shoulders for a dynamic change to the expected style. Or (below) simply throw it on as usual and channel a little more rocker-chic!I’ve always loved the look of metal collars or bars that peak out from beneath collar points of a buttoned shirt. This little curved gold bar is actually on a silver chain, but the visible gold pairs beautifully with the gold chain that holds the purple tinted crystal shard. The rest of the jewellery is the standard stacks of silver rings that live on my fingers.

White collared shirt (size 12 to make it oversized) – River Island

Plaid skirt – The Sweater Shop

Black boots – H&M

Leather jacket – H&M

Felt hat – H&M

Bag – Vintage

Necklaces – Varied

A Lunch Spot You’ve Got To Sea!

I only realised in retrospect of blog posts already published from the adventures in Tenerife, that I have not given you nearly enough snapshots of the oceans and beaches! Here (above) is a really amazing tide pool that fill from the opposite side that ocean could fill it from. A little difficult to explain, but still gorgeous to look at! My man decided to stand triumphantly atop the rocks surrounding the saltwater pool with a true Poseidon of the Sea stance.

You can see the south side of the island stretch off into the distance with a light layer of clouds hugging the edge of the mountains further north.The sea front hotels and stores are actually impressively pretty for such large establishments, and this area next to the stretch of palm trees that sits on the edge of the sea are some of the most enjoyable to just sit and take a break at.Which is exactly what we did! Lunch is a must (and you’ve always got to meet that Sangria quota), so we split a handmade pizza and bowl of olives while having a (huge) glass of Sangria each. A meal that hit the spot for our stomachs and a view that hit the spot for everything else! We spent much longer than necessary lounging in our padded chairs, before deciding to commit to the walk back to the hotel.Half way on the walk back, we took another rest on top of the towering walls of black volcanic rock. You can tell we were just committing to soaking up as much sun a possible on our day our wanders.

And before long, we ventured down the the dark sand beaches below, left our bags and belongings under the rocky cliff shadow, and plunged into the cool waters. I wouldn’t say the ocean was warm, nor would I say it was cold. The original steps in felt like I would freeze, but as you venture further out, you become accustomed to the temperature (and not in the fashion of going numb due to the cold of swimming in British ocean waters)! We had bought cheap goggles earlier that day so spent a lot of time under the water chasing each other and looking for anything in the relatively clear sands on the bottom.We stood on the beach to let ourselves dry, and wandered further along the trek back. Finally re-clothing and resting on some more of the beautifully dark stone walls.It’s a really incredible view that you can’t help but appreciate! Virtually black sands that slip into icy blue oceans, and all of this colour contrast sits beneath an even paler blue sky and white hot sunshine! This place really is made for the sunseekers!