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#LFW Outfits and Photobooths

London Fashion Week, day number two; we all met up near Brick Lane for breakfast and coffee. Day two, was an opportunity for us to up fashion ensembles!tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo3_1280From hats to layering our coats on our shoulders, we were the epitome of coordinating Girl Gang partners!

With muted tones and mostly monochrome, our outfit-of-the-day pictures fit perfectly in front of these giant black and white chevron arrow panelling.tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo2_1280Kasimiira is wearing:

Hat – H&M

Coat – Urban Outfitters

Blouse – Zara

Shirt dress – Monki

Leather leggings – Topshop

Shoes – & Other Stories

Sophia is wearing:

Hat- H&M

Coat – French Connection

Turtle neck – Zara

Culott jumpsuit – F&F

Shoes – New Look

Bag – Zara

Watch – Links London

tumblr_o4gboqzics1qcam0lo5_1280After sharing enough romantic longing looks into each others eye, we decided we looked so fetching that we just had to swing round the corner to snap some shoots in the Rough Trade East photo booth!tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo2_1280Not only does this place boast a high quality (and affordable) photo booth for the perfect London souvenir you can make yourself, it also houses an extensive music collection worth picking through!

You never know, you might come out with more than one piece of memorabilia from your visit!tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo1_1280tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo5_1280We had arrived on a mission. We heaped up our extra bags and everything bulky on the floor next to the wallpaper of previous customers, and piled into the small square seating space.tumblr_o4gcm6en011qcam0lo3_1280The result consisted of a range of faces. Some where we were very obviously unprepared for the quick fire flash…

And others where we threw caution to the wind in terms of trying to look in any way attractive…tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo6_1280Next was practically a documentation of every (wannabe) chic pose we could vogue in our short time in front of the camera!tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo8_1280Finally, a group photo of the Fashion Week team! I will honestly tell you it was a struggle to squeeze us all in. And there was definitely only one of us sitting on the tiny stool at any one time.tumblr_o4g9kppp1u1qcam0lo7_1280 But if you’re going to take an #ootd at London Fashion Week – make it black and white, in a photobooth, on a rainy day in Brick Lane!


Yves Saint Laurent Extended Exhibition

‘Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal’. The first ever exhibition – in the UK – of the French designer Yves Saint Laurent’s life, and work, came to a close less than a week ago.

I decided it was an opportunity too good to miss, so before the exhibition closed its doors for good, I took myself over to the French Château-style museum in the North of England to have a look!This is just a small look through the magnificent display put on by The Bowes Museum in collaboration with Fondation Pierre Bergé – so follow me through…Entrance to the museum is free for Art Fund card holders – and still relatively inexpensive for general admission – so what are you waiting for?

The exhibition was scheduled to end mid October, but due to high demand was extended until early November. And so, tickets in hand, we entered the large space exhibition space on the first floor.The Bowes Museum pride themselves on their information booklets. They are printed up and freely available to inform in great detail about different elements of the exhibition.Yves Saint Laurent’s famed work was not squeezed into the textiles room, or into the contemporary white cube gallery space that sits opposite. Style is Eternal spread out to fill both spaces and the room in between!

Rather than move the existing french decor interior pieces that live on permanent display in the center room, large black gauze sheeting draped down from the ceiling to floor.These were printed with information about Yves Saint Laurent brand as well as beautifully lettered quotes from the designer himself.The first room had a wall filled with a huge variation of hat designs. These are a clear demonstration of how important the silhouette are to the central designs of everything produced by Yves Saint Laurent.

Notice that these are all produced in a cream neutral fabric. These are a form of ‘toiles’ which are best described as a three-dimensional drawing. They are a crafted design of the original sketch before committing to specific fabrics and adornments. So these hats on display are crafted purely to experiment and test the dynamics of silhouette – hence the beautiful curves and lines!Other displays included original paper doll cut-outs and designs that Yves Saint Laurent himself created! These were designed in mini collections to fit a doll he would make himself from photographs of famous women in magazines.The first room of the exhibition collaborated with the already existing space of The Bowes Museum Textile Room. Inside glass cabinets were situated historical costume dating back decades at a time. The end of each cabinet then housed an iconic design piece from Yves Saint Laurent that tied in a motif of the cabinet in some way.This is another example of how ‘fashion’ is a temporal creation, constantly looping back through time for inspiration and design techniques.Between the aisles were framed examples of Yves Saint Laurent collection mock-ups. Featuring notes, and fabric swatches for different garb ensembles.After reaching the end of the room, we sat and watched a two part documentary which featured an interview with Yves Saint Laurent himself. The rest covered the methods of the work rooms and the design processes behind creating a collection.The center of The Textiles Room was transformed into a display case of original ‘toiles’.Displayed together, the mannequins allow you to really appreciate the craft and detail put into this form of a ‘draft’ tailoring. The work is perfected over and over again with the neutral fabric to achieve the perfect lines and fall on the model. The jackets even feature mock buttons!After we felt we’d had our fill of the first room, we hurried over to the main exhibition space that held mannequin after mannequin adorned in finished ensembles from a huge number of collections! From Sumptuous Luxury…To Art Pop…To Magic and Mystery. The costumes from Yves Saint Laurent were curated and exhibited by style rather than chronological collection. This really allowed each section of the room to make an enormous impact!Follow on from the mannequin displays and you reach a shocking pink coloured corridor that looped around the back of the room.This featured framed photographs and sketches from other artists that used Yves Saint Laurent as this inspiration and focus.

And after seeing an exhibition like this – why wouldn’t you?So in depth, so carefully curated, such a unique experience! I felt very lucky to wander around the first British exhibition of the famed designers work and life!

White T-Shirt Dress & Black Leather Fringe

On days when it’s sunny, sometimes all you want to do is wear a dress. This is a little outfit of the day featuring the t-shirt dress. I am quite a tall girl, so when shopping for slouchy dresses and clothes that should hang, I often find a struggle in the length department. On a whim I bought this oversized white t-shirt dress and was pleasantly surprised by the fit and length! So the second it was warm enough for legs to be out – this little baby was thrown on for a chilled, comfy but still put together look!The white base was paired with all black accessories – sticking with the beloved monochromatic theme – but you can see, it isn’t a cold look, nor is it too dark for summer weather!

A black felt hat is a strong balance to the slight bulkiness of the jacket. The black leather fringe adds a lot of movement and texture to the look, but doesn’t act as too much of statement because of the colour. And finally, the western vibe is brought together with the above-the-ankle detailed leather boots.This clutch is one of my new favourites and I have been pairing it with as many outfits as possible! Dark brown, almost black, with an auburn fur layer on the front. Brassy, gold detailing in the zipper and SISLEY lettering keeps the tones warm throughout. The inside is a ferociously bright orange and the size acts as a wearable, day-to-day clutch for smart and casual attire!

Stacked rings and layered jewellery finish the look. Casual, modern/rustic vibes all round!

Black felt hat – H&M

T-shirt dress – H&M Basics

Fringe Leather Jacket – Depop

Boots – H&M

Clutch – Colours of Benetton

Absolute Vintage

Finally, a post not based around food? Why yes, lovely reader! Welcome to one of the ultimate vintage stores I have ever come across! This clothing packed blogpost is based in Absolute Vintage – a true gem that London has to offer. Of course, you’ll find a great deal of vintage and thrifted clothing options around the city, but Absolute Vintage is pretty much the epitome in both size and stock!

Situated near Liverpool Street (where we were obviously staying, as well as deciding to roam for the Sunday in London), and just around the corner from The Old Spitalfields Market, this is a place you don’t want to miss. Down a smaller road from one of the larger shopping streets, you may be tempted to follow along the commercially speckled road with large stores like All Saints etc. But, you must fight this urge and head down the side street marked by Poppies Fish & Chips – Hanbury Street. Here you’ll be rewarded by the amazing, packed store smiling through the front windows! Inside, you really see what a real vintage store should look like. The shop boasts a huge space that rivals the size of those afforded by chain stores, and is fit to burst with aisles of clothing, neatly sorted into sporadic sections.Here you can see how truly immense the clothing rails of items are! These pieces aren’t like the ‘vintage’ or urban renewal items you find at various stores – these are unaltered real finds that are up for sale. A majority of the racks simply hold old versions of brands you may know and other you don’t; but it’s the hidden gems of the store that make it worth a visit and rummage. You can just make out examples of the designer pieces you may find among the mess, up on the walls and in the display cabinets. On of the display cabinets I sat and stared at – for longer than an acceptable amount of time – housed two pairs of vintage Chanel heels, as well as Louis Vuitton heels and matching clutch. (Below) On the wall here, you can see (second from the right) a brown Louis Vuitton coat aside an original Hermes button up sweatshirt.A little too poor, and a little too tired after the weekend of scavenging London for worthy purchases, I decided to give myself the smaller task of simply finding a new camera bag. And of course, picking one out here would make it just a little bit more unique! Even the bags, however took up a staggering amount of space all by themselves – black purses claiming a whole aisle! So after carefully digging through what was on offer (and talking myself out of a number designer finds that were way out of the price range I had set) I settled on a sizeable, square, black, structured purse. This baby fit a DSLR body perfectly and was hard structured to protect the contents. Plus, the zipper snaps into a little lock of it’s own for double the security with such special cargo.This is definitely a place you could revisit again and again to find new pieces! A gem of it’s own housing a hundred more inside – this was a lucky find to investigate. The brand now has two stores in London, as well as an online store if you want to check out other items for sales! The website also has discount codes, and events being held in the stores – so keep an eye out and don’t miss an opportunity. Next time I’m in London, my goal is to head back and find a new vintage designer piece to add to my wardrobe. Vintage designer pieces are so unique that you’re always proud to hang them in your collection of clothing and accessories. Plus:

“I like to have my money where I can see it – hanging in my wardrobe!”