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Curator’s Coffee

I love trips to London. And my most recent trip was made even more special by being able to spend it with a close friend! tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo1_1280On her recommendation, we spent our first morning in the city at a delicious joint called Curators Coffee!tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo10_1280tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo9_1280With huge windows, lots of light, and beautiful geometric, monochromatic details – how could I not love the place?tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo4_1280tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo6_1280We spent (far too much) time umm-ing and ah-ing over what to chose from the mouthwatering selection of freshly made bakes for our breakfast.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo5_1280After making the most difficult decision of the day, we perched on comfy stools at the wooden window bar.tumblr_o39uakq58v1qcam0lo1_1280As always, my first priority was coffee (and I’ll tell you now, that their coffee is really good!) but Kasimiira decided to go for a morning cuppa.

The rest of us were practically mesmerised by the many different instruments that she had been presented with, in order to successfully brew and enjoy her cup of tea!

The most notable was, of course, the rather aesthetically pleasing hourglass timer.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo7_1280But regardless of different tastes in beverage – we all have (if I do say so myself) exquisite taste in pastries! And none of us were shy in digging into our first meal of the day.tumblr_o39tc8x9pw1qcam0lo8_1280From the exclusive weekend Brunch menu’s Crosstown Doughnuts to a moist Orange and Lemon Cake, we barely left a crumb on the plate. We acknowledge that we have hardly made a dent in the delicious desserts on sale.

So I guess we’ll just have to revisit on our next trip to London!

We drained our drinks, collected our things, and headed off to collect our all important press passes from the Soho area.

Stay tuned for the next blogpost to coverage dedicated to exploring London Fashion Week!


Pizza East, Brunch in London

tumblr_nzs3jfva5n1qcam0lo4_1280From Deli to dining – welcome to the next spot you have to eat at for brunch!tumblr_nzs3jfva5n1qcam0lo3_1280Pizza East is situated in a former tea warehouse, in Shoreditch in the always bustling city of London. As well as the delightful sit-in eatery, Pizza East also sells fresh Italian meats and cheeses to purchase from their in-house Deli!tumblr_nzs3jfva5n1qcam0lo1_1280The wonderful joint – famed for its wood oven pizzas – is large and spacious (as you’d expect from an ex-warehouse) with an industrial interior vibe.tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo1_1280 So, even on a Saturday, you’re more than likely to snag seat!

And snagged a comfy seat we did! We nestled in leather booth seats and wasted no time in scanning the mouth-watering menu for brunch options!tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo2_1280But drinks first! We scored ourselves a morning bellini each…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI couldn’t resist trying a signature ‘East Side’ cocktail.  And this is the delicious ‘New Fashioned’ that I highly recommend if you’re a fan of whisky!tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo3_1280It would be wrong to visit an eatery that boasted the name ‘Pizza’ in the name and not order one of their rounds to try!

We covered our pizza of choice in olives and basil, and hefty helping of cheese.

tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo5_1280tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo6_1280I was in a more serious breakfast kind of mood and ordered from their Saturday brunch menu.tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo9_1280And ended up tucking almost before the plate was on the table! My dish was stacked with poached eggs, sweet-potato cakes and streaky bacon – yum!

Who needs the green stuff with a serving up like this?tumblr_nzs2vjeiss1qcam0lo7_1280The prices for cocktails are pretty a standard amount for London. While the food is practically a steal, in terms of London rates! tumblr_nzs3q1yt0z1qcam0lo4_1280Tummies full, and feeling very happy, we headed out to explore the rest of the area.tumblr_nzs3q1yt0z1qcam0lo2_1280 Pizza East is sat on the street corner just across the road from BoxPark. If you haven’t checked out the rather unique retail unit – built entirely out of storage containers – you better make it a priority.

These eclectically filled spaces sport some big brands you know, but also feature independent occupants that change weekly! There is always someone new to find and discover!tumblr_o28lahwpis1qcam0lo1_1280With good prices, good food, and good location; you’ve got no excuse to not have this delectable place on your list of eateries next time you’re in London!

Fish & Chips at Poppies

Welcome to a delicious end to a trip to London! Spent munching on the heartiest of British meals in a rather fancy Fish & Chip shop! Poppies seems almost out-of-place sitting just opposite an All Saints store, but no one can deny the intoxicating smell of freshly fried chips. And so it was, that our last meal in the large city of London was a hot plate of fried chips and battered fish/sausage. Poppies claims to be one of the few ‘authentic’ Fish & Chip joints around (and honestly, I believe them)! The Fish & Chip bar has been serving since 1952, and Pops (the owner) has kept the uniforms and interior designed like they’ve not changed a day. Plucked out of an East London scene between 1945-55, this eatery channels post-war rebirth and food that fuels the populous! We were sat right next to the original 1950s jukebox, nestled happily in a corner. The wait to get in was about 15-20 minutes, but the novelty of Poppies was worth the wait! (If waiting isn’t your thing and you want to continue your wandering of Spitalfield, then their take-away service is just as tasty and wrapped in newspaper as traditional.) The food is just as yummy as your general corner shop place, but you’re definitely buying into the atmosphere of the place first and foremost. If you’re in the area for a quick, easy and hot bite to eat – this is the place! And if you’re around for a little more time, have a look at their website to keep up to date with events being held here. From live music, to themed movie nights – the little Fish & Chip shop goes above and beyond!

Get To The Point

This little food joint and watering hole is where our stomachs dragged us on the first night in London. A spur of the moment choice and we had pushed our way through the doors to find a seat in The Salt Point Bar!The bar is situated on Broadgate, just opposite, what is now, the ice skating rink. The outside is pure glass walls, but just out of sight because of hedge foliage strategically planted!The room was filled with a lot of groups who were clearly blowing off steam at the end of the work day – but that just made the restaurant feel more full. Personally, I like hustle and bustle in bars and eateries – it makes a place feel alive!When we came in, I assumed we would just be grabbing drinks before taking the tube to our next location of the evening and grabbing food there. But, oh no! One look at the option for some sort of fried or baked cheese, and dining in The Salt Point Bar was decided! While waiting for our delicious sharing platters to arrive, we cocktailed. It would be wrong not to! Our cocktails were a Boston Tea Party and an Espresso Martini. Yum!

{Comment down below which you would choose or your favourite cocktail of choice!}And this, my lovely readers, is the pure majesty of the sharing platters (and these each serve two – we didn’t dare venture for the platters serving four!) we ordered. On the right, you can see the large baked camembert cheese with freshly toasted and lightly buttered breads. On the left, different types of toasted breads with hummus and pureed salsa dip. As well as hot falafels, goats cheese with sun dried tomatoes, and fried halloumi. So much yum!I am not over exaggerating when I say we ate all of it. Every. Single. Bite. This was such a filling early dinner/filler bite to eat! So if you’re over on Liverpool Street, you know where a quick bite to eat is hidden that also pretty moderately priced!