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The Northern Youth – Fashion Show

With London Fashion Week coming to a close, now seemed like the perfect time to reflect on the phenomenal event of The Northern Youth Fashion Show!

A colossal effort was put into the university fashion show – with the aim to raise £30,000 for several refugee charities, and exhibit works from over 6 young designers from across the North.tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo5_1280tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo1_1280It wasn’t until arriving at the event, that the sheer size of the event really sunk in. The line of hundreds of people snaked across the centre of the University campus.tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo2_1280And after waiting for our turn in the queue, we were stamped with the Northern Youth logo, and we were ready to enter!tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo3_1280The lighting beamed from every direction, and started to set the mood for the night ahead.

The floor space was layered with a carpet-like fabric with the appearance of loft insulation, and different sized cubes and cuboids forms. tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo8_1280The internal space of the Central Hall was packed with an impressive number of people. With only a few empty spaces still available, we settled halfway up the seating on stage-left.tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo7_1280tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo10_1280The plans for the show snowballed quickly from a small event into one of mammoth proportions; resulting in the visiting speakers of the Vogue U.S. Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, and first female Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian, Katharine Viner!tumblr_o2i5gbvv3c1qcam0lo9_1280Anna Wintour began her encouraging, and inspiring, speech referring to her connections with the University of York – which were more than you’d expect! She continued by thanking her niece for the invitation to attend the event, before turning her focus to the concepts of creative startups!

“Build what you can’t find, what you’re looking for…”tumblr_o2i74aphva1qcam0lo3_1280Wintour went on to emphasise that a young persons focus shouldn’t be too strongly on one specialty – one shouldn’t have a narrow way of thinking!

Her speech included many pearls of wisdom:

In an age of social media, we “shouldn’t let social media be a substitute for living.” 

“Work with the best, learn from the best. Make mistakes, and discoveries to make a future. Seek to be relevant, agile and able.”

“Don’t strive for fame. Because anyone can be famous without substance…”

Most importantly, whatever stage of life you’re at “get outside of yourself” – try and become “open to the problems and plights of others…” Whatever you do, give back.

Wintour concluded with a strong positive statement: “seize all the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead of you”!tumblr_o2i74aphva1qcam0lo5_1280Following the speech, was a Q&A open to the audience! This included Anna Wintour answering questions about the beauty of Yorkshire, politics and economics of the fashion industry; these included many a sassy comment, punctuated by poignant and well calculated opinions.tumblr_o2i74aphva1qcam0lo4_1280 Fashion has the power to change the world. “It has done fantastic work” in the world – to donate and raise money. It has the power to be “consistently philanthropic”, in truly an “awe inspiring” way! But fashion can also be “frivolous in a good way” – never forget that!

Wintour’s quick witted statement about finding your own personal style was one of the most memorable point in the evening, when she answered “Look in the mirror” once and awhile.tumblr_o2mzg182mt1qcam0lo7_12801And all too quickly, Wintour and Viner concluded their time on stage and took their seats in the front row.tumblr_o2i74aphva1qcam0lo6_1280The show was “produced by BAFTA award-winning director Adam Curtis and the line up of performers included Friendly Fires and Yorkshire talent Billie Marten who was recently tipped for success by the BBC Music Sound of 2016 team.”tumblr_o2i74aphva1qcam0lo8_1280And with the twangs of guitar strings, Billie Marten began to play, and the catwalk show began…tumblr_o2i9gtf1bu1qcam0lo1_1280tumblr_o2i9gtf1bu1qcam0lo2_1280tumblr_o2i9gtf1bu1qcam0lo3_1280tumblr_o2i9gtf1bu1qcam0lo4_1280



tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo1_1280A short interlude ensued. This allowed for a change of performers, and a change of vibe; from Billie Marten to the DJ set. tumblr_o2mzg182mt1qcam0lo2_1280tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo5_1280tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo2_1280tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo4_1280tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo9_1280tumblr_o2ififcpyx1qcam0lo10_1280



This was a mere snippet of all the glorious looks that were strutted through the hall! I’ll let you make up your own opinions of the various styles and different designs featured!tumblr_o2mzg182mt1qcam0lo3_1280And that concludes the finale of the captivating, and inspiring event! The show channeled urban youth of the North, and helped draw attention to the talent of designers and creatives from all over!


The Best Pancakes in York

tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo7_1280I was informed recently that the 17th of December is national Maple Syrup Day in America and Canada. So, I thought I’d show you a cosy joint – in the very British town of York – that really takes the (pan)cake!tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo8_540tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo1_540Brew & Brownie can be found nestled on York’s Museum Street, and is a delicious spot to stop by for any number of handmade tasty treats, teas and coffees.tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo4_540Jars lights, and mismatched chairs come together to create the cosy rustic interior.tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo6_540Stepping inside is welcomingly warm – exactly the kind of break those cold fingers and noses will need from the nippy Winter weather, and Christmas shopping.tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo5_540Now, I’m certainly don’t want to be left behind celebrating any national Maple Syrup Day, and pancakes are a good idea any time of year.

So we ordered the classic ‘American Pancake Stack’…tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo2_540A hot, fluffy stack of American pancakes with maple syrup, crispy bacon and a scattering of blueberries. Trust me – even the photographs don’t do them justice!

Brew & Brownie offer a variety of other delicious pancake options – but you’ll have to grab yourself a taste of the action to find out what they are!tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo3_540This is the perfect place for a catchup over coffee. And considering the time of year – it’s even an opportunity to exchange Christmas presents (over a shared stack of pancakes, of course)!tumblr_nzgiiqemys1qcam0lo9_1280So happy Maple Syrup Day to American and Canadian friends! But that certainly shouldn’t stop anyone else from having a festive helping of pancake cheer too!

Photography credits to Thom Corbishley

Making a Decision

You’ve still got time – make the right decision and head to the Hayward Gallery in London for one of the most interactive art exhibitions you’ll come across this year!The reason I try and encourage you to visit, is because the experience is definitely one for everyone! Whether or not you have background knowledge and understanding of art – the Decision exhibition from Carston Holler breaks down the boundaries that people sometimes feel that art constructs.The outside of the gallery has parts of the exhibition sprouting out and gives a hint to the amazing contents inside!About half an hour late for our time slot, Ruth and I headed into explore the exhibition that the Hayward Gallery had to offer!Tickets in hand (and having booked ahead of time playing to our advantage, and being able to enter the exhibit halfway through a time slot) we headed inside…The art of choice is presented right at the door – literally! Two doors stand side-by-side labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’, and your first role as a participant in the exhibition is to make a decision of which you would like to enter through.

We chose ‘A’ and ventured into the darkness of a winding metal tunnel…The tunnel was pitch black. It sloped steeply upwards, and then suddenly twisted and turned. We ended up clinging to each other in the darkness, happily tripping and stumbling our way through.

After finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (literally) we stepped out into, what seemed far more vast, a space that housed a giant turning sculpture of mushroom and mechanisms.We took turns to propel the turning of the different levels with a push of the lowest bar, causing the varied spin of the human-sized funguy!It is pieces like this that express a sense of whimsy, and thus a simplistic intent that just wishes to connect with an audience, rather than force an agenda onto them.From one open space to another, we moved up the steps and into a section of the room that was empty except for a giant pool of red and white pills.We very quickly pounced and dove our hands into the satisfying mound.

We could see from above a single pill drop from the ceiling into the center of pile – and were told that this happened consistently every 3 seconds!We were informed that the pile we had the pleasure of delving our hands into was an accumulation of all the pills that had dropped  since the opening of the exhibition.And again, the principal of choice was presented.

Ruth, the brave soul that she is, decided to take one of the mystery pills and neatly swallowed the bi-coloured vessel.(Of course, the pills are perfectly safe and are filled with a basic mixture similar to flour and plant extract – but where’s the fun in safety, right?)After satisfying our investigation of the pills, we progressed to the far side of the room, and decided to go downstairs…Downstairs, in a dimly lit and low ceilinged space, were a collection of various elements of the exhibition. From flashing wall light displays to robotic rolling beds – it was a jumble of mismatched eclecticism that simultaneously seemed to belong in the space!

(If you have an urge to splurge, or simply need an expensive bed for the night, you can actually pay to stay and sleep in the roaming beds overnight! Check out the full – and wacky details – here!)And at the far side of the room was a built in bench that offered virtual reality goggles and headphones. On the wall next to the installation was the first sign of Carsten Holler’s use of queueing in the exhibition. Because even though the Decision exhibition is freely interactive – it is still set in a British gallery, and what would a British experience be without queueingWe sat side-by-side and jammed the virtual reality kit onto our heads and sat silently enjoying the experience…If you want to know what we saw, you’ll have to visit the Decision exhibition and see for yourself!Once we’d had our fill of the lower floors, we ascended the concrete stairs to final floor of the exhibition…And stepped into the mirror walled room of assorted art pieces!

One of the central art works consisted of a large plastic perspex cube filled with the same pills we had seen on the floor below.We also found out that this is actually the source of the pills – this is the spot that feeds through the ceiling that drops a pill every 3 seconds!Next to the plastic cube was a white platform featuring two very overstuffed pink pythons! (The perfect example of random whimsy.)It was hard to ignore the enormous die on the other side of the room.And we found that if you positioned yourself at just the right angle, we could spy each other through the holes!Sadly for us, we were too tall to clamber inside – but if any of you readers take kids to the Decision exhibition, they might just have the chance to jump inside!As I said earlier, there is more than one location in the gallery where the audience is expected to queue in order to participate in limited access areas. We stood for only a few moments before stepping outside to don our heads with another set of headgear that would change our perception of our reality!With a pretty great rooftop view of the London Eye, I took the first go of having my world flipped upside down (again, literally)!The visor uses cleverly collaborated mirrors that reverse your everyday view upwards and flip everything on its head. This is particularly disorientating when outside on a rooftop!When outside experiencing the bizarre sensation of hanging off the face of the world, the Hayward Gallery’s signs change makes much more sense!  

Ruth then strapped on the head piece, and began to look around and take in the experience of a world turned upside down!I definitely recommend attending the gallery with a friend, as activities like this are made twice as fun when you can watch your companion stagger around confusedly on an open rooftop!Satisfied with our outdoor experience, we passed our visor onto the next in line wandered through to the remaining space of Carsten Holler’s exhibition.For those that are more seriously art inclined, there are installed elements of the exhibition to satisfy! One piece in particular, was a corridor section that was lined with heavy square television monitors displaying the faces of identical twins facing opposite each other.As you walked through the center of the monitors you became bombarded by the sound of the scripted phrases read out by the different halves of the twins. The artwork here becomes a(nother literal) reflection of identity, self expression and image.We were reaching the end of our exploration of Decision, but were too eager to slow down! So we quickly slotted ourselves into one of the wooden school-like desks against the wall and attempted to make our noses grow…Apparently, by applying vibration to a certain part of your arm in a very particular way, while holding the tip of your nose, you can confuse the body into believe the nose is either growing or shrinking!We attempted them one for sometime, but to no avail. If anyone else attends the exhibition or has tried this experiment before – comment below your success of failures!One look outside onto the other rooftop space and you could see another small queue waiting to take turns up on a rotating flying machine!Helmeted and suspended by the small of your back, you would swing through the air with all of London stretched out below and in front of you!This experience is no extra charge to your ticket, but I recommend booking your timeslot for the exhibition in the earlier part of the day if you definitely want your turn in the air!When we felt we had seen it all, we walked to the end of the room that housed the metal scaffolding and staircases that would take us to our exit point!Like our rather unconventional method of entering the exhibition, the exit was not to be outdone! Canvas sacks in hand, we scaled the metallic stairwell and positioned ourselves at the mouth of a multi-storied metal and clear top spiral slide.With a grin and a scream, we rocketed down the shoots to soft exercise mat at the bottom!

The exhibition is one that presents art from the perspective of solely the experience – created through the use of “perception a decision making”this was a time spent in an art gallery where not everything is as it seems, but everything is enjoyable!We deposited our canvas modes of transportation and headed for the doorway that would lead us out.And as always with any interactive experience – you are directed out through the exit, that just so happens to be a gift shop.However, don’t be fooled by the idea of cheap tat with nothing to do with your experience! The souvenirs for sale are all designed by Carsten Holler himself and feature the theme of of opposites and decisions. The chocolate bars were clever and sweet (nudge, nudge)But our favourites were the little button badges printed with the split opposites motif as well as a few nods to pieces from the exhibition itself!

The exhibition is on until the 6th of December. For more information on the Decision exhibition, or bookings, visit the Hayward Gallery website, here

Let’s Take This to the Streets!

When there is a Street Food Festival in town – how could I say no?Set in the centre of the city of York – taking up most of Parliament Square – The New Ebor Independence Feast (and I know that the whole name is definitely a mouth full!) brought together the best  independent street food traders, craft brewers, artisan distillers.

The goal was simple; the events of a weekend would celebrate good, food, drink and music!The aromas and sounds of fresh food cooking filled the air as we rocked up around midday. We wandered through all the stalls to see what the different venders had to offer, before deciding what to tuck into first!

From Cajun smoked skewers…To street dawgs (hot dogs).From freshly baked pizzas…To slo gin, prosecco, and beer tents!Picking our poison of choice was easy. We grabbed a cold ale each and headed back into the sunshine to sit, to sip and relax.The outfit of the day followed my usual preference of all black everything! But was still light and airy enough to be perfect for the warmth of the summer. 

Hat – H&M

Dress – Topshop

Shoes – River Island

Bag – Asos

Sunglasses – Thrifted

Jewellery – Assorted

The first bite we decided to try out of the many venders, was the Cajun smoked skewers from York’s own Shambles Kitchen.This was a wrap filled with freshly smoked Cajun halloumiyum! You could have salad in the wrap with your filling of choice – but green stuff is for the weak when it comes to street food! (Right?) And – never to be one to miss out on tasty treats – I decided to grab a second helping of food from the street vender opposite. The one and only Street Dawg Co had sizzling hot dogs ready to be thrown in buns!I loaded my hot dog up with spicy chilli, mozzarella chunks and  french mustard. And trust me – I did not share!

This was a perfect (accidental) 4th of July celebration for me.If you’re eager to experience a food festival in York, for yourself, The New Ebor Street Feast is hosting their next event in early August! Check out the events page, here, for more details.

Festival Fashion: Glastonbury Lookbook

A festival edition of ‘outfits of the week’; starring a collection of the top five combinations worn at this years Glastonbury Festivals of Contemporary Performing Arts!

Glastonbury was only two weeks ago, and already it feels too long since the freedom of roaming and exploring the huge fields of music and performance! This was my second year of the world-famous festival, and for a second time, I wasn’t disappointed!

I decided to reconstruct the main outfits I wore each day of the five days in the Glastonbury fields. These are important examples of how pieces you pack can be reused on alternating days for different outfits, since most of the time you are limited by what you yourself can carry!To kick it off, a double denim combo!This outfit suits day one of any festival, especially when a majority of the day is spent travelling! To get to Glasto from most locations in Britain, you’ll definitely be spending a considerable amount of time in a train/bus/car. Denim material is one of the hardiest fabrics, and so perfect for a day of varied movement and lifting and carrying (mainly bags and booze when locating a good place to set up camp).Distressed denim jeans, with over exaggerated holes in the knees, and a plain white tank keeps the look casual without progressing too far into the modern cowboy western vibe!

Black boots act as a perfect basic staple for a whole weekend of walking and helping your feet survive the unavoidable stomping of crowds. (These boots are a stand in for my actual festival boots. I wear black, lace up, army combat boots which are completely waterproof along with steel toe caps! A nice alternative to the classic wellies.)Sunnies are a must for the occasional brightness of British Summer sunshine, and a small backpack allows you to keep your valuables and important documents easily at hand when your larger rucksack goes under the bus/in the boot of the car/on the luggage hold of the train.With blues as the main colour for the outfit, it keeps the look light and fresh – unlike the general monochromatic palette of my black and white ensembles. (However, I am a creature of habit and most of the outfits are constructed of a majority of black!)Primarily, this outfit for day one allows you to wear a jacket, a full-length pair of jeans and your chunkiest footwear, instead of packing them. You have then allowed yourself more room in your rucksack for other clothing pieces and essentials for the rest of the festival!

In particular, the jeans and jacket can be used again and again for evening adventures when the temperature drops!

Denim jacket – FCUK

Tank top – Miss Selfridge

Distressed jeans – Asos

Sunnies – Polaroid (TKMaxx)

Boots – New Look

Backpack – Vintage

To finish off this particular look, I threw on a few of my favourite button badges in white. (Left reads; “What the Cat Dragged in”. Right reads; “One Night Only”.)

Day two is when you have the urge to break out your craziest and most interesting outfit for your Glastonbury festival weekend. Don’t! If you’re at Glasto for the long haul, day two should (roughly) be the Thursday. This is the day when there are not a huge many act playing across the many fields of the dairy farm, and so is the best chance to explore the layout of the festival without feeling like you’re missing potential performances!For this look I styled a kind-of basic, normcore-esque outfit. Plain, long-sleeved, black top and denim shorts.This particular outfit is designed for the sunshine, but can easily be adapted if the weather is looking a little colder or less forgiving. Simply pair with a pair of full-length jeans instead of shorts. Likewise; the cropped cut of the top can be substituted for a full-length piece!

(With the presence of the sun in the southern fields of Glastonbury, it’s easy to burn! Wearing a top that covers your shoulders protects one of the main vulnerable areas!) It wouldn’t be festival season without a bumbag strapped around your waist! Sticking with the basic style and colour palette, I’ve slung a multi-pocketed leather version of the nineties-style accessory around my hips.I was genuinely surprised by the sheer popularity of the holdall item at the Contemporary Performance festival! But these babies leave your shoulders free from rubbing or strain that a one shoulder bag can bring with loaded with your essentials for the day! You can get ahold of one of your own within any price range; from designer, to upmarket high street, all the way to mere pennies on ebay!

Black long-sleeved crop top – Missguided

Levi shorts – Vintage (Etsy)

Bumbag – Portugal souvenir

Shoes – TKMaxx

Socks – Gift

To keep the look from being too pedestrian, I paired a black pair of strappy sandals with some bright blue jelly bean socks. Socks and sandals are style a fashion choice that rides the line of rad or ratchet, but if you’re going to pull off the weird and wonderful – where best than a festival!?

Plus, the early days of a long festival weekend will be the few days where sandals are still manageable and your feet won’t be swallowed up in the mud that will inevitably come!

You’ve made it to day three! For me, this is the most whimsical and eclectic combination of pieces for an outfit over the weekend – and also one of my favourites!This outfit is all black, but doesn’t look drab or depressed. Instead, it harnesses the use of a monochromatic colour palette throughout to pair textures, patterns and cuts that wouldn’t necessarily work together is they were in more than one tone! This look boasts fringe, tassels, studs, a tongue-in-cheek slogan, a repeated symbol pattern, and statement sunglasses to create one successful over-the-top, badass ensemble!(Space buns optional, but encouraged.)Tassels have also been a big trend revival this year (like the bumbag), and this jacket is a clever way to incorporate them without directly drawing attention to their presence. Being made in black leather, rather than the choice of suede that is so popular allows the added movement and swish of the jackets tassels to be more subtle.This tongue-in-cheek slang isn’t for everyone, and not exactly a phrase you can wear on a day-to-day basis; so once again, the safety of festival idiosyncratic makes the ‘Pizza Slut’ (play on words of ‘Pizza Hut’) slogan just bizarre enough to fit in!The tie-around-the-neck black top is a piece that I love dearly! The cut links with the seventies influence of the jacket, but is obviously branded with a contemporary appropriation of humour! The light and loose shorts mirror the tassels of the jacket, but hold their own for when the weather is too warm to keep wearing the jacket! The repetitive pattern of the white symbols pairs well with the white writing on the top, without being too matchy-matchy. With the jacket removed, the option of adding a hat makes the silhouette of the look more conventional but still interesting, as well as more practical for the sunshine. (Likewise; the outfit works well in the rain as no pieces of the clothing will go see-through in the wet!)

Leather jacket – Depop

‘Pizza Slut’ top – O-Mighty

Tassel shorts – Arc Clothing

Sandals – TKMaxx (same as before)

Sunglasses – Asos

Hat – H&M

This happened to feature as my look on day four – but it can also give you an idea of an alternate option for a look that is all one colour (here, obviously being black).Instead of multiple textures, patterns and almost-clashing pieces, this look exudes an effortless, ethereal cool through the use of jewellery and accessories!Shiny metallics of varying sheen, shape and colour are layered from head to hands. These become points of interest, as well as combating the gothic likeness created from dark lip colour and clothing.

The peasant top (following the use of seventies silhouettes featured in other outfits) allows you to stay cool in the rare but inevitable summer heat. And the off the shoulder nature is actually very stable and connected to the arms rather than hugging the shoulder with elastic.The thick choker is a statement piece against a bare chest and collarbone!Repetition of clothing pieces is important – here, as before, the classic black boot.By wearing a centerpiece of both silver and yellow gold coloured metals, you’re able to ignore the dreaded rule that states you should never mix-and-match your jewellery metals! Here, I wore my usual assortment of many(, many) silver rings.Colour blocking on one section of your body allows that section to appear as one; the wearing of almost covered black shorts under the black floaty top makes your torso look smaller, so your legs look proportionally longer!

Top – France souvenir

Black Levi shorts – Thrifted

Choker – Glastonbury souvenir

Rings – Assorted

Boots – New Look (same as before)

Lipstick – Sleek (mixed colours; Naked and Mulberry)

This whole look has a modern vampiric, effortless cool about it – plus offers an all black outfit that works in the summer sunshine!

And then there is day five…The festival experience is nearly over, you wake up and realise, all too soon you must return home to work and schedules and responsibilities. And the outfit of the day kind of reflects that.An eclectic mix of the remains of clean clothing you’re able to scavenge from your rucksack – this look often presents as the most ‘flower child’ that ‘goes with the flow’. (Obviously the flower crown exaggerates this element of the look slightly…)Regardless of the improvised effort behind the look – it’s still one of my favourites! What I really loved about my first year at Glastonbury, and this year as well, is dressing up with friends and adorning ourselves in clichéd festival accessories! Because, even though they are clichéd, they are pretty and eye-catching – and most of all, they are fun!

By the time you’ve reached the last day, other people, too, have begun to relax their efforts as fashionistas of the festival. The last day is experienced without self-conscious tendencies! The outfit sports an unapologetic cropped cat tshirt, and restyles the boots and shorts from a previous outfit (with the hem rolled down and slightly paper bagged with a vintage belt). The flower crown adds a pop of colour, as well as variation to the silhouette with its oversized design. The whole look is comfortable but in no way boring or everyday!

Flower crown – Topshop

Cat t shirt – Killstar

Belt – Thrifted

Shorts – Vintage (Etsy) (same as before)

Boots – New Look (same as before)

Camera – Lomography (Urban Outfitters)

For me, a flower crown is a once a year accessory and is the privileged badge of a festival attendee! I delight in snuggly fitting the (slightly obnoxious) crown around my head! All of a sudden the mixture of ‘flower child’ happy-go-lucky attitude and Lana Del Ray calm serene descend upon your person and you can take anything the last day of festival madness has to throw at you!In my first year of attendance of the world-famous festival, everywhere you looked, someone was wearing a floral crown. But this year, the attire of the masses seemed to lean towards the everyday, basic nature of Kate Moss’s Glastonbury wardrobe back in 2004 and 2005.

(Lipstick – Sleek (colour; Heartbreaker)

However, I’ll still hold onto my love of the over-the-top clothing choices you can make in the safe space of a festival – especially Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. It’s the perfect time to experiment, and throw caution to the wind in terms of the pedestrian expectations of dress!

This was five festival looks. A throwback to my 2015 Glastonbury wardrobe.

Wined and Dined on the Seine {Paris}

Let’s do dinner. In Paris. At night. All evening. On the River Seine!After a long day wandering the sunny streets of Paris, we decided to splurge a truly Parisian dinner!

You’ll be able to spot signs, all around the bridge that sits at the base of the Eiffel Tower, that advertise the different boats and times to dine upon!We called before leaving our apartment, and booked two seats for the 8:30pm cruise. Check their other meal options and tours, here.

Running late, we dashed along the streets lining the Seine, and managed to arrive just in time for our check-in! We received our tickets and were ushered to our table, just before doors closed and safety checks began.The boats feature beautiful glass ceilings and walls along the entire vessel! (There is a pretty substantial price difference for those that wish to sit in the window – so we opted for seating that is one over, and is situated along the centre of the boat.) No matter what seating you chose, you will have incredible views of the monuments lining the Parisian river!

And so, menus in hand, we began selecting choices from the five-courses of delicacies we were to have over the glorious few hours aboard the glass topped vessel!We were particularly lucky to have the lovely weather continue through the evening.

We received aperitifs as the lounge singer stuck up their first cords and the engines started their soft, low purr to pull us through the water, and through the city.Our visit to Paris was scheduled just outside of tourist season, so the boat was not overly full – this meant, less crowded surroundings, and less obstructed views!

(Below) A quick snapshot as we passed La Musee d’Orsay. When you know what you’re seeing as you gracefully glide past it, you really feel privileged by the perspective view!Before our next wine and starter arrived, we dashed onto one of the side viewing decks.It was quite breath taking (honestly the most breath taking part of this visit to Paris) to move along the river at this time of day, and not be surrounded by plastic seating or plastic windows.We ran to the back of the boat to stand in a larger area and watch the sunset! It is a wonderful view, and viewing experience at your leisure (especially knowing you can pop back inside and have a meal waiting on your table).

Jacket blazer – Topshop

White top – Nastygal

Jeans – Cheap Monday

Heels – Asos

We hung out on the deck for a little while, happily alone as other people sat at their tables, unwilling to miss the arrival of their first course.Once we went back inside, we enjoyed a delicious starter, main, cheese board, desserts, coffees and as much free win as we could handle.

Our evening was spent on the boat until late into the evening, and we departed after dark. We walked home beneath the glowing structure of the Eiffel Tower, lit up and glittering!

If you don’t have the time to sit for multiple hours on a cruising boat along the River Seine, then you can always dine in the stationary dock bistro that sits just beneath the Eiffel Tower – a similar experience on your schedule!

Not-so-pompous at the Pompidou {Paris}

This was my second visit to Paris, and top of my list was a trip to the Centre George Pompidou!Situated in the centre of Paris city, and the 4th arrondissement, this enormous modern art gallery is a prime location to spend an entire day whether you’re a history buff with art knowledge of not!

The architectural structure is obviously not the expected traditional Parisian style of many other art galleries across the city. Instead the outside can be likened to building scaffolding mixed with a child playpark jungle-gym!Buy your tickets (if you’re under 18 years, they are free!) and head up the external escalator scaling the outside of the huge structure.

We got there in the late afternoon after looking around the pretty kick-ass shopping spots in the area. Even though it was after four o’clock we still had multiple hours to trawl the slightly emptier halls of the art gallery!The top floor spans from start to finish in artistic chronological order of the modern art period. After two years of studying History of Art this was a totally new experience with knowledge from studies.

There is so much to see, and a great deal of variety! Take your time or rush through – regardless, you’ll enjoy just about everything on display.And finding stripes was an extra bonus… I love camouflaging into the artworks! 

T-shirt dress – Missguided

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Asos

Sunglasses – Thrifted

When you’ve had your fill of the glorious collection of modern art (with big names to boast – remember) you can head down to the floor below to dive into the contemporary art!It’s notable that the collection and pieces on loan that are on display change. Over two years since I visited the Pompidou previously, and the entire floor were filled with pieces I hadn’t seen before!

Some abstract and intriguing artworks sprawl the gallery, and other pieces take up entire rooms. On installation in one of the main rooms was an artwork called ‘Cafe Little Boy’. Jean-Luc Vilmouth designed a room composed of green painted walls, tables and stools using the same paint as school boards; the installation invites visitors to writes, draw and express themselves with chalk on any surface in the room, in any way they please.The room is very controlled and has a maximum of five people at a time – which was no problem for the quite nature of the gallery in the early evening.

This artwork is a development from a previous work entitled ‘Little Boy Coffee’ from 2002. The work was originated in the history of the primary school Fukuromachi in Hiroshima which was destroyed by the explosion of the atomic bomb (nicknamed ‘Little Boy’). Only one wall remained standing of the building, carrying a lone chalk-board, on which survivors wrote messages to their loved ones.We each separated to privately write personal messages on sections of the walls. We found useable pieces of the small stubs of chalk that were strewn around the room, and wrote messages to our loved ones and our lost ones.Before leaving the peacefully quite room, I found a blank painted stool and left a different kind of message…


It’s hard to photograph the diverse range of contemporary pieces on display, but you can definitely see a change in scale from the modern art based floor above.

Large lights, and objects suspended from the ceilings and huge painted walls that spread across over 30m are just a handful of the pieces we marvelled at. We spent at least three hours wandering through the open rooms of the two floors, and didn’t even progress the floors below, specialised exhibition (these change even more frequently than the artworks on display) or the options in the cinema – a second revisit might have to be on the cards!